IWSG 2020 #9

August Goals
Tea and relax. I'm going back to work, so I need to do some self-care.
Continue making returns.
Finish the master bedroom curtains
– Wash all of the bedding and towels before returning to work.
– Thoroughly dust.
Condition the leather couch.

Additional Successes
• Sold more items on ebay and Poshmark! $30!
• hung artwork
• got rid of a box of "junk"
• got a few stains out of items (couch, clothes)
• painted our leather couch where the color had faded and was getting scratched up
• Went back to work

September Goals
– Find a place to live.

IWSG Question –– If you could choose one author, living or dead, to be your beta partner, who would it be, and why?

I'd really love to meet Anthony Doerr and talk to him about All the Light We Cannot See. I love the way he writes. According to Publisher's Weekly, along with writing Doerr is a teacher.

Doerr says his students always want to write about “big things like love or getting lost or heartbreak, and they miss the simple message of staying in the physical level all the time.” That level is evoked through detail, and, according to Doerr, it’s what lets an author “present an argument: that’s the essence of rhetoric, and that’s what we’re doing—we’re arguing readers into believing the fiction we’re making.”

I love Doerr's use of words/language and the style he writes in moves the story along with the use of short chapters. I'd love to spend time with him reviewing my writing, helping me use language in a more visual way.

Your Turn

If you are a writer, are you more interested in meeting your favorite author or would you prefer to meet the one you most admire? Is there a difference for you?

Just this month I found out I would potentially be moving. Have you had any surprising changes happen during covid that have thrown you off of your 'game'?

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