June Lookback

Here's where I am:

Listening to:

Boy Meets Girl "Waiting for a Star to Fall"
Amy Grant "I'll Be Your Friend", "Oh How the Years Go By", "That's What Love Is For"
Luther Vandross & Mariah Carey "Endless Love"
Paul Carrack - "How Long"

various movies:
Scent of A Woman
Dances With Wolves
I Am Mother
Endless Love
Sea of Love

my friend's voicemail "Darling Wife ... Don't worry. Darling Wife, I love you. Goodnight. … Hugs!" 😂 (inside joke)


Hawai'i and California. Ready to get back out and travel! Bring on the beach!


nothing much.

Anxious about:

My job. How much longer will I have one?

A particular acquaintance I've gotten close to. He won't claim we are friends, and I wonder if he will stay in my life.

Interested to Know:

I'm currently looking at potential make-up purchases. All of a sudden, I have an interest in my skincare routine!

Also, looking at informational books regarding one of my favorite topics! Photography!

Will we and should we travel during corona?


• Free People Saturday Morning Cardigan in black from ebay
Free People Forever Your Girl Tee in blue from Macy's

• monitors and monitor stands for husband to use when working from home
• electric duster (for cleaning electronics - and let's be real! - everything else!)
• pasta maker!


Magazines? I've been trying to go through them. One day I'll finish! 

Quarantine Notes:

Now on Day 87 with ? Days to Go:

• Justin has returned to work, 3 days before anticipated.
• 196 items listed on Poshmark; still at 12 items on ebay
• 2 online husbands, 1 online girlfriend, another asked to run off with me to the Bahamas ... lol. I feel the love.
• gone through 19 magazines
• Justin made homemade pasta! It was delicious!
• I got bleach on a favorite top. 😞
• Free People flagged my account.
• Started a photography class.
• I cleaned the baseboards in every room, behind and under our nightstands, lifted up a large rug and vacuumed underneath it, used a toothbrush to clean bathroom cabinets.

Other random covid-19 facts:
• When my husband was working from home, we were eating a pound of tomatoes a week!
* My fingernails have needed to be clipped 4 times since corona started. My toenails? once.
* Fingernail polish only stays on my nails for a week tops before chipping off.

• We've gone through 2 big boxes of oranges from Costco during quarantine.

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