IWSG 2020 #6

May Goals
Go through five magazines.
✗ Finish going through clothes.
Decide on Free People/Anthropologie returns.
Figure out what's going on with Scotland plans.

Additional Successes
• Hung a picture after a month and a half.
• Cleaned shoes that I thought were trash. Now they look like new!
• Made up with a friend I had a fight with. <3
* Got closer to a different friend.
* Met a few other new people.
• Happy Hours that were happy.
• Continuing my weight loss journey.
• Eating more vegetables.

June Goals
– Go through 5 more magazines.
– Figure out July vacation plans (or not)
– Make returns.

IWSG Question –– Writers have secrets! What are one or two of yours, something readers would never know from your work?

Things I've learned about myself from being on quarantine during coronavirus:

1. FRIENDS are my greatest strength. They give me confidence. (They prevent me from getting anything done!) But when I feel like I have people backing me, everything becomes a little bit easier. The world becomes a little bit lighter.

2. Eat healthily. Sugar affects me physically and mentally. I get tired and moody. Aim for more vegetables and fruits. Go for low-calorie drinks like soda water or hot tea (or coffee). Occasionally treat yourself with something special like wine or a piece of chocolate.

3. When you can, sleep when you are tired. Sleep is another thing that will affect you mentally and physically. The more you listen to your body, the easier everything else becomes.

4. Get up and exercise. Even if it's just a walk outside. I have decided to take pictures of the clouds/the sky every day which gets me up and out the door. If you create little goals that you are excited about, it helps keep you motivated. Also, sitting too long is bad for your back. Moving and getting some sun will help with your energy levels.

As for Writing specifically –

Most of my writing has been about travel. So the lead up to my travel is thoroughly planned. And then I take notes and pictures (often using GPS coordinates) to remember details about where I am, and what I've done. You never know what details you will forget or what details will lead to a good story.

Your Turn

Do you have any secrets that help you to be creative or produce work?

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