IWSG 2020 #5

April Goals
Continue to watch covid-19 updates and determine if travel plans in July need to be canceled or moved
Measure images and buy the correct size mats and frames for the rest of my artwork
Continue cleaning the spare bedroom and going through clothing.
hang pictures we already have framed

Additional Successes
• Sold 3 items on eBay and 2 items on poshmark! Made $165!
• Returned a few items. (Anthropologie, Free People, Macy's, Urban Outfitters)
• Made Doubletree chocolate chip cookies! Yum!
• Contacted travel agency to discuss Australian travel.
• Drank so much tea (wedding imperial is my favorite!) and went on many walks!
• Talked with employer about plans to return to work.
• Sent gifts to the kids I watch and did a facetime chat with them.
• Sold an item I didn't think had any value for $30 and another for $25. (fits with success #1)
• Went through both my closet and sweaters.
• Bought my friend's favorite book from childhood. It was missing a few pages/pieces, so he sent me the missing parts. I got a refund for my purchase on Ebay because the item was sold to me in less than "good" condition, and I didn't have to return the item. Was fun to connect with him in that way.
• Also tried panang curry at his suggestion. Was delicious!
• I edited enough images for Wordless Wednesday for the next 2 months.
• Started working on Australian travel plans.
• Cleaned off (and out) my husband's and my nightstands.
• managed to buy toilet paper and paper towels! (But also we started using rags more, so we are being more environmentally friendly.)
• Cancelled Entertainment membership ($2.99/month)
• added a few books to the donation pile
• Lost a few pounds (down 5 pounds since quarantine started)
• ate more vegetables
• received my absentee ballot!!

May Goals
– Go through five magazines.
– Finish going through clothes.
– Decide on Free People/Anthropologie returns.
– Figure out what's going on with Scotland plans.

IWSG Question –– Do you have any rituals that you use when you need help getting into the ZONE? Care to share?

I haven't been in "the zone" in so long! Usually, it helps to spend most of the day writing. I might struggle at first but then about midday, I really get into a groove. Then at the end of the day I lose focus again. It's really a very particular time of day when I can focus best.

Your Turn

Living under quarantine has been excruciatingly hard and some days overwhelming. My mood goes up, my weight follows. Then my mood and weight plummet to new lows. It's like living on a roller coaster. Most days are good, but some days my heart aches so much.

I lost someone I considered a good friend amongst corona-everything and all of the extra time has me thinking about him. Where did things go wrong? Is there any way to salvage the friendship? And am I being selfish with how much I do want to salvage the friendship. If someone doesn't want to be your friend, you can't make them stay, right? So then I worry about how much of my self-worth I put in people. And it's just a huge mess and I can't focus or concentrate despite the fact that there are even bigger worries in the world right this moment (tho to be fair, I'm glad I'm not one of the ones currently experiencing them).

Corona hasn't been all bad though. I've been working a lot on my emotional health - eating well (more vegetarian friendly), taking lots of walks to get out anxiety, spending time in the sunshine, talking to people, spending less on shopping, trying new foods ...

Has coronavirus led to any surprising changes in your life, good or bad? Have you managed to accomplish things you otherwise wouldn't have had time for? Have things taken a turn for the worse in a way you wouldn't expect?

I'd love to hear both the good and bad ways corona has affected you. Be sure to share in the comments!

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