April Lookback

It's almost the end of my fifth week in quarantine. A lot has changed and yet not much has at the same time. I know a lot of people are bored and depressed, but I feel like I'm staying pretty busy. I'm glad for all I have accomplished, even if I wish I had accomplished more. I guess every day is a new opportunity. Oh and I absolutely love drinking wine with lunch every day.


Here's where I am:

Listening to:

my friend talk about his Serbian friend in a voicemail. 


Anna Kendrick "Cups"
Boy Meets Girl "Waiting for a Star to Fall"
Backstreet Boys "I Want it That Way"
Camila Cabella "Havana"

life before corona and being shocked at how much has changed.


on making Doubletree chocolate chip walnut cookies. YUM!
Anxious about:

Work. How much longer will this last? How much longer can I keep my job?

Interested to Know:

Who will stick around in my life?

Whether or not our summer planned travel will happen?

Anniel Prunella Flats from Anthropologie

Imogen Cropped Cardigan in red from Anthropologie
Montana Babydoll Sleep Top in navy and cream from Anthropologie
Jane Textured Babydoll Dress from Anthropologie
Sonia Babydoll Dress in black from Free People (will probably be returned)
She's a Dream Midi Dress in Red combo from Free People
UO Gauze Mini Frock Dress in Maroon, Black, & Tan from Urban Outfitters
Kaley Midi Dress from Free People (was returned, too low cut)
Jamilia Wide Leg Lounge Pants from Anthropologie

• Picture mats and frames for hanging/framing pictures
• Crafts & candy for the kids I watch
• new duvet feathers, feather protector


I agreed to read The Paris Hours and 100 Cookies, so definitely looking forward to that!

Quarantine Notes:

I left you on Day 4. I can't remember all that has happened, but here's the gist:

• 2 weeks turned into 7. How much longer will it continue?
• I've been so lucky to continue to receive a paycheck.
• I spent two weeks crying and upset about the loss of a friend. We are still on speaking terms but we don't speak much. My heart still breaks when I think of how close we were.
• Him pulling away brought me closer to another friend. 
• And I met two other people too that I've spent a good bit of time getting to know.
• We've had 2 happy hours in 4 weeks. One lasted 6 hours while the other was just over an hour and a half. It was nice spending time with friends in a slightly different way than normal.
• I've listed almost 100 items on Poshmark.
• I emptied 3 boxes of books.
• I'm in the process of getting rid of 2 boxes of "stuff" (clothes, scrapbook paper and photo paper, stickers, books, decorations).
• I painted my fingernails purple. I can never have painted nails because of my job, so it's been fun to do something a little different.
• I've been working on braiding my hair and changing things up.
• I lost 5 pounds and I've been eating healthier/more variety.

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