March 2020 Lookback

I hope everyone is doing well. Staying safe and well as well as staying home to prevent spreading Coronavirus. Here's what's going on in my life --

Listening to:

Being on self-quarantine, I've been watching lots of movies and tv shows on Roku. So far: Gidget, The Age of Adaline, The Giver, and now Analyze This.

A friend recommended I listen to Camila Cabello "Havana", so I'm also listening to that. Anyone else ready for a trip to Cuba with me?


Our time in Hawai'i and in LA. I hate seeing low cost fares to places I want to go, namely the beach, and not being able to take advantage of them.


I need to continue working on my plans for Scotland, but instead I've been preoccupied with cleaning and organizing. Two weeks of self-quarantine is a great time to get things at the house done.
Anxious about:

Work. Will I have a job when this is all over?

Interested to Know:

My spring break is coming up in about 4 weeks; will I be able to go anywhere? When will this coronavirus craziness end?


Free People Enough with the Tiers in peach

• 3 60s vintage dresses
• cabinet organizers for the bathroom


nothing. I'm using my spare time to organize and clean rather than read.

Quarantine Notes:

Day 1: Justin is madder at me than usual. I'm wondering how we are going to get through two weeks together when we are at each other's throats. I can't laugh without pissing him off. It's out first time in a while having lunch together and that's fun. We go grocery shopping, fight over what we need -- him looking for shelf-stable foods, me looking for healthy options that aren't necessarily shelf-stable. We leave having spent more than than necessary. We get to-go Indian, then come home to move his work desk into our spare bedroom.

Day 2: I get to sleep late thanks to his work=desk being in the spare bedroom. I sleep until 10, still recovering from our trip to NYC. He asks me about lunch at 1, but I'm not hungry. We decide instead to have tea time with tea from Paris and chocolate babka from Bread's Bakery in NYC. We sit outside. It's a little cold, but I decide I could get used to midday tea with my husband. He finishes work at 4:30 and we relax watching the 1960s sitcom Gidget that night.

Day 3: Another late morning for me. When I finally wake up, I decide that it is a day of action – I need to clean and organize. And I watch a few movies on Roku and chat with some friends online. Justin and I sit down together for lunch around 12:30: tomato soup, salad with a homemade lemon vinaigrette, brie and a baked frozen baguette from Costco. Wine. Yes, this is the life I'm meant to lead. 😉 More cleaning, more chatting. At 5 Justin calls his work day finished and he makes us dinner: sausage, green beans, and potatoes with leftover salad from lunch. We have after-dinner drinks outside watching the sun go down. Chatting with a friend, I start dozing off. It's 75ºF outside and the weather is perfect. We call it an early night.


Lookbacks from Earlier This Year:


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