IWSG 2020 #3

March is going to be a crazy month for myself and my husband. As a result, I'm going light on this month's goals. 

February Goals
More tea. (one of the best decisions from January)
✗ Go ice skating once.
Figure out French 103 plans.
✗ Figure out at least one hotel for Scotland. Ideally 2 or 3.
✗ Search for rain boots and a rain jacket for Scotland.
✓-Make returns (Anthro, Target, Belk, Macy's).
Fill out taxes.
Finish reading my book.
Get my computer backed up.
Book flight to NYC
✗ Book flight between EDI and CDG
Hotel for NYC

Additional Successes
• Making friends with people in high places (for my interests)
• Phone call with an online friend - 2 hours in 1 day. Was NOT awkward.
• Reconnecting with people from my past.
• Meeting SIL's boyfriend
• Random trip to Orlando, Florida.
• Eye doctor appointment for Justin after many years of going without.
• Made reservations for a show in Paris.
• Booked a photoshoot.
• Bought a dress for the photoshoot.
• Went to my first travel convention!
• Made plans to attend my first tiki convention.
• Stood up for myself with regards to work troubles.

March Goals
 Work on weight loss/count calories.
– Book flight EDI –> CDG
– Get tickets for the ballet in Paris
– Perhaps start a new photo post per month: my month in review via photos.
– Work on April spring break plans.

IWSG Question –– Other than the obvious holiday traditions, have you ever included any personal or family traditions/customs in your stories?

Once when traveling to Germany for New Year's Eve, I wrote about that experience on my blog.

I've been breaking free of family traditions and customs. I like trying new things during the holidays. I feel like traditions and customs can get a little bland year after year. Changing things up makes things more exciting. As a result, while I might consider writing about traditions in a nostalgic way, in my real life I'm trying to find new ways to celebrate holidays.

Your Turn

Do you find sharing family traditions or customs with others helps you to appreciate them more? Or perhaps relive the experience? Or even make the experiences seem more magical and fun?

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