IWSG 2020 #2

The end of the 2019 brought both the loss of a family member and the gain of one. Following this, there were lots of family get-togethers as well as time spent with friends. I went from feeling a bit lonely and depressed in 2019 to loved and crazy busy when January hit. Looking back on the month, I feel like I accomplished more than I had originally set out to accomplish and I got the year off to a good start, but I feel like, despite putting together a calendar, I have no idea what the rest of 2020 will bring. I feel like I can do my best planning, but I just won't know until I get there. Do you ever feel like that?

January Goals
More tea.
Continue planning Scotland. Do two things.
✓- Oil change and tire rotation for both vehicles. (We still need to rotate the tires on the truck.)

Additional Successes
• Survived winter break.
• Looking at travel plans for 2020.
• Figuring out my schedule for 2020.
• inputting French notes into a Google doc.
• Filling out paperwork to get money from student loans.
• Got 2 dresses altered so I can actually wear them.
• Got laptop bag fixed.
• Found a winter jacket I like! (It's been a few years of searching.)
• Lots of family time.
• Spoke on the phone with an Australian, which I was anxious about.
• Made 2 sales on Poshmark.

February Goals
– More tea. (one of the best decisions from January)
– Go ice skating once.
– Figure out French 103 plans.
– Figure out at least one hotel for Scotland. Ideally 2 or 3.
– Search for rain boots and a rain jacket for Scotland.
– Make returns (Anthro, Target, Belk, Macy's).
– Fill out taxes.
– Finish reading my book.
– Get my computer backed up.
– Book flight to NYC, and flight between EDI and CDG
– Hotel for NYC

IWSG Question –– Has a single photo or work of art ever inspired a story? What was it and did you finish it?

I mean teachers definitely used this strategy in school both with language arts as well as through the study of language.

What I would really like to do is to take a photograph that tells a story. I think that would be a fun challenge for me - kind of taking it the opposite direction.

Your Turn

Have you ever created a story based on a piece of art? Or created a piece of art because of a story?

Is your 2020 off to a good start?

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