February 2020 Lookback

two months into 2020 and it's time for roses, hearts, pink, and red. In the state of Georgia, we got our first taste of snow earlier this month, and it was as delightful as you can imagine for a state that rarely sees the white stuff. Of course, the snow only stayed for a few hours, just long enough for kids to get outside in it and have fun.

Here's what else is going on in my life ––

Listening to:

70's music. Lots of Diana Ross and the Supremes.


Past Valentine's Days and Februarys. Eating pasta and chocolate cakes with hearts. Seeing snow one Valentine's Day. 



In March, we are going to NYC with some friends. The plan, so far, is to explore the architecture of NYC and see The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. I think we are going to stay at a Hyatt Andaz, but we haven't booked it yet.

We got a little further in our travel plans for Paris, London, and Scotland this summer. I intend on having a photographer capture some images of us while we are in Paris, so I booked that. (Thanks Sara at Journey of Doing for the recommendation!) I'm also looking at seeing the ballet Play at the Palais de Garnier. Maybe we will spend one night at the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme?

Other goals on the list: dinner at La Poutre in Montmartre, breakfast at Angelina's, and shopping at Galeries Lafayette.

We are continuing to work on our French language skills before we travel to France this summer.

Anxious about:

Someone I know has gotten really quiet and I'm curious/worried about why that happened.

Interested to Know:

what travel adventures this year holds. I'm thinking NYC, Miami, Paris, London, and Scotland. Possibly Orlando and Nashville. I had the intention of doing a cross country trip, but the current cost of the rental car is $800, so that probably won't work. 


Sharona Snake-Printed Jacket from Anthropologie

• Leggings, shorts, and a hairbow from Forever 21
Free People Sunday Shore Pullover from Von Maur in black, white, and twilight mist (purple)


Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn. I received the book free for review from SheSpeaks.

Lookbacks from Earlier This Year:


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