January 2020 Lookback

2020 started off differently than I anticipated. It's been beautiful and gross all at once. There are some positive things yet to come, but I have been reminded that each day is a gift and that tomorrow is never promised. But for now I'm going to sip on my English breakfast tea with heavy cream (a luxury to say the least), and just be. I can't control the future and maybe the best I can do is just enjoy the moment for what it is.

Listening to:

Marc Cohn - "Walking in Memphis"


This past Christmas and the days following. It was a whirlwind. A death in the family has got me contemplating life and my values.


mostly travel. I just got an update from my employer regarding the next 6 months and my work schedule, so I've been putting mine and Justin's holidays into a calendar and working out our schedule for the upcoming year.

Scotland, a cross-country road trip, and some time in Florida on the panhandle, maybe Hawai'i for Christmas?

This month for Scotland planning, we booked train tickets from Paris to London, and from London to Glasgow. We also laid out a general road trip plan.

For the cross-country road trip, I booked a rental car. At current prices, the road trip may not happen? We're going to watch the prices though and see if they drop to something we are comfortable with.

For the trip to Florida, I just booked a rental car.

While we had been looking at a trip to Australia for the new year, I'm not entirely sure that will fit in with my work schedule. We might try to meet up with our Australian friend in Hawai'i or elsewhere over the holidays. This has yet to be decided. Alternatively, it may be another year at home.

I also bought a birthday gift.

Anxious about:

picking hotels for Scotland travel. I know I need to start looking, but I just haven't wanted to.

Interested to Know:

if meeting a friend will work out. If the friend will stay in my life.


Intimately FP Adella Frilled Chemise in wine, rose, dark grey, moss
FP Adella Burnout Slip in navy, slate, and ballet• FP From the Valley Mini Skirt black, and red
Bloomingdales My Featherdown Euro Pillow
FP Rumors Denim Jacket
Anthropologie Orsay Knit Mini Dress
FP Forever Your Girl Babydoll Tee in Turquoise Mirage, Garnet Empress, Black, White, and Plum Lilac
FP Moonbeam sweater in rose, white, black
FP Daisy Chain Beanie in Peony Pink, Hyacinth Purple, and Natural
Anthropologie Stella Ruffled Mini Dress in grey
Steve Madden Belted Ruffle Trim Coat in black
FP Dancing in the Forest Sweater in mauve and neutral
Dolan Left Coast Cherie Babydoll Top
Hansel From Basel Fleece-Lined Leggings
Vicky Thermal Waffle Tunic in Black


Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn. I received the book free for review from SheSpeaks.

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