December Lookback

Listening to:
a voicemail my friend sent me. Over and over and over again. That Australian accent. And he's telling me about a girl he has the hots for that it just won't work out with. And my heart just falls apart as he tells the story. Because it is both the sweetest thing ever and also the saddest thing. My heart goes out to him. ❤️

Previous Christmas travel. Will I regret not going anywhere this year? It's possible.

Scotland and Christmas presents. Maybe continuing French lessons into 2020?

Anxious about:
French class. We were asked last minute about joining French 103. On the one hand, I think we should continue taking the class. On the other, I dislike how the CEO asked us to sign up for it. I want to know I have the time and availability in my calendar. Anyway, so if we don't sign up now, we may not get to take it and I think it would be useful for us to have it before we travel to France. So ... I'm just trying to deal with that and figure out what I want to do.

And none of that includes the anxiety I get from just trying to speak French. ACK! Luckily, Justin's got it pretty well. He can string together some words and form a few sentences and questions. I can barely remember the vocabulary despite practicing more than he does!

Interested to Know:
What happened to my UK friend? I really want him to message me. Like yesterday. Please?

Keeping A Secret:
Mostly Christmas presents. I'm not good at keeping secrets.

• Free People 100º Dress in bright pink

Free People Modern Femme Denim Mini Skirt from Macy's in black
Free People Moonbeam V-Neck Sweater from Macy's in rose, black, and white
Free People Adella Lace Mini Dress in charcoal, rose, and black
• Anthropologie Orsay Knit Mini Dress
• Anthropologie Massima Pleated Maxi Dress
Hadley Bow Barette Set in green and pink from Anthropologie
Molly Fit & Flare Dress in black and red from Free People
• Adriana Papell gold Shirley shoes on ebay
• ink for the printer (bought at half price!)

a few travel books

• The Photographer's Guide to Scotland by E. Bowness
• The Most Beautiful Villages of Scotland by Hugh Palmer
• National Geographic Traveler: London

Hopefully going through those books will help me plan our upcoming trip.

Hope you all are having a lovely December so far!

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