September Lookback

"Time unchecked leads to a blank slate of nothingness. Time’s destructive march towards meaningless is arrested through memory and art depicting humankind’s struggles and accomplishments.” ― Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

Why do I continue doing 'lookbacks' despite not writing actual blog posts? Because I don't want my time to dissolve into 'nothingness'. I want the passage of 'my time' to have meaning, whether it is merely self-growth or something more.

I hope one day I will be able to go back to writing helpful blog posts, but in the meantime, this post is here to document my growth and help me recognize that even when I feel I am accomplishing little, I am accomplishing much. ❤️

Listening to:

Extreme – "More Than Words"
Eric Clapton – "Change The World"


our time in Hawai'i. I heard Israel Kamakawiwoʻole's song "Over the Rainbow" and it just took me back there. Beaches, pina Coladas, and ALL of the gorgeous views. There were so many views there. 

I remember "Over the Rainbow" was overplayed everywhere in Hawai'i. We heard it so often! While it was annoying then, it was pretty great (unintentional?) marketing for the state. Where do I go every time I hear the song? There. So where do I want to return? Well… there


a trip to New Orleans in October with friends. There is a Halloween parade the weekend we are going, so that seems pretty exciting!

Anxious about:

Ice skating again. It's been almost two months since I fell. I need to get out there again.

Did you know that one of my favorite rinks closed? It makes me so sad. I was hoping to take lessons there. Of course, the same reason I liked it is probably the reason they closed: cheap cost and few people on the rink. 🤷‍♀️

Interested to Know:

if I will ever be able to reach out to someone I'm trying to befriend. It's so hard to make friends sometimes.

Keeping A Secret:

I watched Dawson's Creek as a teen and I still love it. Specifically the first season. I always wanted a group of tightknit friends like they were. I dreamed of being able to speak my mind and know that there were people who would always have my back. ❤️


Cynthia Rowley Azores Smocked Maxi Dress – It went on sale and I couldn't resist! I'm rather short though, so who knows if it will fit or if I will have to return it.
• Tires and wheels for my car. It was time.
• A Delsey carryon suitcase. Our (cheap) suitcase is a little worn. 😳

I got price adjustments on some clothes I recently purchased and that makes me so happy! I love when things work out like that.



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