September IWSG 2019

August Goals
Decide if I want to do 101 in 1001 again.
Work on Christmas present.
✗ Look at the budget.
Pay for car tags.

Additional Successes
• Asked off for October. Now to start planning NOLA!!
• Started French lessons.
• Figured out dates for 2020 summer travel.

September Goals
– WORK ON CHRISTMAS PRESENT! (It has to be completed by October.)
– Look at the budget. (Again.)
– Write an email to my employer.
– Work on NOLA trip.
– Go ice skating at least once. (I've been afraid since I fell.)

IWSG Question –– If you could pick one place in the world to sit and write your next story, where would it be and why?

I think it would be really beautiful and exciting to go to France (or anywhere really) and learn to cook and write about my life as an expat. Just get a small bungalow and write about my experiences. In French.

Of course, I think to do that I would need to be retired and have a substantial income.

And how many others have gone to France to write about being an expat and learning to cook? … Probably a bunch.

I still think it would be an absolute delight (and truly terrifying!) to explore the terrain and gain a skill I absolutely do not have.


To conquer my feelings of self-doubt, I logged into 7 Cups the other day to chat. I ended up being connected with a guy named Joe. My first thought was "he's such a guy". His responses were so matter-of-fact. In a beautiful way, he didn't have time for drama but he was patient and kind. And then he started flirting. Luckily, I'm married to a guy that isn't easily jealous, so I just went with it and had the best time.

As a person who writes, sometimes I deliberate on what I'm going to say far more than I ought. Sometimes words are just words. Sometimes it's better to just spit out what you want to say and not worry about how it is taken.

This is especially true with rough drafts, but I think it's occasionally true with people too. Just be your most real self. You can't hide who you are forever. (And if you are a writer, it's going to come through somehow! Even if your characters are nothing like you!)

Your Turn

Do you ever have a hard time putting your words/thoughts to paper/screen? What about speaking them? Can you say what you want to say the first time you are given the opportunity? Or do you over analyze every word and then find yourself struggling to get anywhere?

If you are someone that is amazing and charismatic and confident, do you have any suggestions for me?

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