Friday Five: Welcome Fall!

California 2018

1. Do you have any special rituals to welcome the approaching season, such as cleaning or decorating?


I guess I pull out my long sleeves and start wearing them before the weather even thinks of changing.

2. Do you welcome the approaching season or despise it?

Cooler weather? WELCOME!  

I do miss summer though. The beach, my birthday, vacations…

3. What has been the high point from the preceding season?

Travel to California!  Loved, loved, loved it! I never get tired of 85º weather and beautiful scenery. 

I think some people despise LA. I think those people are crazy. 

4. What has been the low point from the preceding season?

I fell on the ice and gave up ice skating for two months when I got a black eye. I don't want to be scared of something I love so much. It's just been so hard getting back out there.

5. What are you looking forward to in Autumn/Spring?

In autumn I enjoy the cooler weather, an excuse to drink warm drinks, watching the leaves change, and the impending holiday season. 

In spring, I like seeing beautiful flowers. I always do spring cleaning (unintentionally, I just get in that mood), so it brings me joy to clear out things I don't want or need. 

Happy Friday! Are you as ready for the weekend as I am?

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