August IWSG 2019

July Goals
– Decide if I want to do 101 in 1001 again. (How did it go by so fast!?)
Watch spending.
✗ Watch calorie intake.

Additional Successes
• Found car insurance for cheaper! And paid for the full year in advance.
• Checked a few things off of my 101 in 1001
• Took pictures of stars and fireworks!
• signed up for French 101
• reached 1050+ followers on Twitter!
• came up with an awesome idea for a Christmas present!
• I lost weight (a few months ago) and fit into a beautiful dress that had been too tight! Needless to say, I took advantage and immediately wore it out to dinner. :)
• Worked on August travel plans.
• Got mine and my husband's vacation schedule marked on the calendar for the rest of this year and looked at what I expect to happen next year.
• After nearly a year, we finally got the tires rotated on the truck!

August Goals
– Decide if I want to do 101 in 1001 again. (How did it go by so fast!?)
– Work on Christmas present. (It has to be completed by October.)
– Look at the budget.
– Pay for car tags.

IWSG Question –– Has your writing ever taken you by surprise? For example, a positive and belated response to a submission you'd forgotten about or an ending you never saw coming?

Sometimes, yes. There have been times when I'm not sure how to approach a topic and, after just free writing for a bit on the topic, an idea just comes to me! That's pretty cool. And usually, when that happens, what I write ends up being better than it would have been had I not gone into the topic idea=less.


About two weeks ago, I was ice skating and I fell. I had run into somebody and it was probably 60% my fault. I was skating backward and this person was just standing on the rink chatting with his friends. He tried to get my attention and when I turned, BAM! I fell on my face.

Note: I said face. 

Not butt.

Shamefully, I apologized and moved off the rink thinking that I would be fine; I just needed a minute. My entire focus was on getting to a seat; when dealing with pain, I am prone to passing out. A lady who had been watching immediately came to my side as I exited the rink, and asked if I was ok. She said my fall scared her; could she get me some ice? I told her I was fine, but she was persistent. She told me that my face was starting to turn blue. 

Luckily, my husband, who hadn't seen my fall, got off the rink at about that time; I just laid my head in his lap trying to compose myself. But I couldn't. Even though my pain was minimal, I just started balling.

Scarier than potentially having a concussion was the idea that I might have a black eye.

I know that sounds sick and gross – to be more concerned about your looks than whether or not you have been seriously injured, but there I was crying over the possibility that my face would look different for a week or two.

I don't fully blame myself for my worry. 

Society tells women that they need to be beautiful to be of value.

But what I'm trying to share with you here is that you, my friend, have value, whether or not you are male or female, tall or short, thin or fat. You have worth that is not tied up in your looks or your skills. Your value isn't in the book you've never written OR the many books you have written. Your value lies in your mere existence. No matter who you are or what kind of person you are, you deserve to be loved. <3.

Don't ever let anyone (or an ice skating rink!) tell you what you are worth.

Your Turn

What do you think? Did you have a successful July? Do you have any big plans for August?

Have you ever had a realization like the one I experienced this month, where you are knocked to your knees before you realize what is truly important?

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