Year So Far…


NYC, NY (July 2016)

We welcomed the year in Washington DC with a few friends. It was exciting to see fireworks from the rooftop of an apartment complex. This was followed up with a visit to Boston where we saw my husband's great uncle, aunt, and uncle. As if our weekends weren't full or busy enough, I made a point to take my car in and get a recall part installed. While we were there, we also replaced a piece that had broken off from underneath the engine. Despite feeling broke, we made a point of paying for a rescue program so that I could get back my Hawai'i images in preparation for April A-Z. Overall, January was a busy month for us.


Brittany, France (July 2016)

Preparation for April A-Z began in February as I worked out blog post ideas and began editing and deleting more than 2000 Hawai'i images. Unfortunately, all that I did that month is all but lost, gone with my dead laptop, but I still wanted to mention it here, because it did take a good part of my month sorting through so many images! I also spent the month focusing on travel prep for our April visit to California. Obviously I did research on hotels, things to do, and restaurants, but we also did some wine tasting to get an idea of what types of wine we would enjoy in Napa Valley.


Brittany, France (July 2016)

March was just a continuation of February. I took on additional hours at work. My husband and I also laid low over the weekends while I researched California and prepped for April A-Z. If you are an A-Z participant, how many hours do you spend prepping before "the big month"?


Maui, Hawai'i (February 2017)

During April we traveled to California, Washington DC, and Alabama. I participated in April A-Z as best as I could completing more than 40 comments and responding to approximately half of the alphabet. I replaced my laptop (when my old one died) and iphone (the gps wasn't working correctly) before the month was over. Unfortunately, I'm still behind (months later) on replacing my back up drive where I was storing my Hawai'i images, so I still have not completed April A-Z or reviewing my travels to Hawai'i. Maybe one day?


Roussillon, France (May 2014)

By mid May, we became aware that my brother would be moving in with my parents and we needed to clean out my parent's house and basement. We helped to organize both my parents things and our things. It was an intense process spanning on into June. The end result was that we were a little more organized and we had a few less things.


Charleston, SC

During June my focus was planning for a July 4th vacation to Florida. Relaxing by the pool? Swimming in the ocean? Eating delicious food? Yes, please.


NYC, NY (July 2016)

By the time July hit, I was ready for vacation. You can only read and plan so much before the excitement gets to you. Life didn't wait on me to return, though. My old college emailed me that they were closing my email account, a main one I use, so I had to devote a good bit of time to notifying people and companies of the address change. And then we cancelled Amazon Prime. $120 for 2 day shipping? No thanks.


Asheville, NC (May 2015)

With 31 days in August, I always find I am able to accomplish so much more than during the other months of the year. We got caught up on house chores and returns that we needed to make, I got caught up on blog comments, and I'm knee deep in planning for our trip to Egypt for a wedding. I find long months to be both a blessing and a curse. If I have a lot that needs get done, it's great! But if I'm having a bad month, it can seem never ending.

The first seven months of the year have gone by super quick. And, to be fair, this year hasn't exactly gone how I expected it to. There's been more cleaning and less traveling. Less saving and more spending. Hopefully the next five months will see me getting back on track with my blog goals (Less time will be required at work), I'll continue to work on my 101 in 1001 list, and maybe a few surprises will be thrown in here and there!

How is your 2018 going? Are you on track to accomplish your goals? Are there areas you need to work on? Have your goals changed as the year has gone by? I'd love to hear!

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