Continue Egypt planning.
  - contacted friends about whether or not they wanted to meet up
  - looked at/compared flights
  - contacted travel agent only to realize I preferred the flights I found to the ones they found for me
  - started my scarf collection solely for this trip
  - Learned how to wear a scarf a new way.
rotate truck's tires (also ordered new tires)
book another hotel night in NYC

Additional Successes:
• Replaced clothing with broken zippers. (Not all of them, but some.)
• Replaced worn-out/uncomfortable shoes.
• Bought a swimsuit I think looks cute on me. (Super hard to do!)
• Updated my jewelry (read: necklace) collection. Clearance items ftw.
• Got rid of bags I don't use. And shoes that I don't need.
• Bought things to help get my husband and I organized. (A necklace hanger, belt hooks, and a "scarf ladder".)
• Bought a wi-fi device for the garage so that we can open and close it with our phones! YAY!
• Planned more for our NYC trip.
• Paid for and put on the car tags.
• Got caught up on blog comments! (ongoing issue for me)
• Ordered some books to help me with the clearing out and cleaning up of my home. I somehow managed to finish one of the three this month. How long has it been since that has happened?
• Finally booked our flight to Egypt! (And extra legs.)
* Cleaned out more of my closet. Now there is actually room for everything to hang. WOW! I've only been working on this since April.

September Goals
– Finish NYC planning.
– Continue Egypt planning.
The Curated Closet challenge.

IWSG Question: What publishing path are you considering/did you take, and why?

I've never published, aside from blog posts. 😳As much as I would like to publish, at some point, focusing on my blog (or trying to find time to focus on my blog) is enough for me. I like interacting with my friends online, but I'm just not in a good position in life to do much more than that.

Your Turn:

If you enjoy writing, do you plan to take it a step further and eventually publish? Do you have dreams or goals that don't necessarily fit with what you are currently doing in your life?

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