The Friday Five #7: Commenting

Last week's Friday Five was all about commenting. Here are my thoughts:

1. Do you like to reply to every comment? Yes, absolutely. Anyone who wrote a comment deserves my time and attention.

2. What type of post gets the most/least responses? I haven't figured it out. If I had, I'd have a more popular blog. Probably anything controversial.

3. What do you do when a new person first comments? Check out their blog and respond.

4. When you're reading someone else's blog, do you read every comment before adding your own? Absolutely not. My comment is a response to the author, not to every other reader. If I'm interested in the topic, I might read the other comments, but it's not something I feel like I have to do.

5. When is "too late" to reply to an entry? After years and years have passed. But then again, if the topic is still relevant (?!?!), why not respond anyway?

How do you feel about commenting on your blog? Do you respond to everyone who comments on your blog? (Or would you if you had a blog?)

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