Continue Egypt planning.
Prepare for August Break.
Take a much needed break from life by going on vacation.

Additional Successes:
• Updated my wardrobe. (Good in that I have more options, bad in that I spent money.)
• Started walking/exercising almost daily.
• Went to a theater production. (A children's production, but still. Staying culturally aware is good.)
• Tried Mexican street corn for the first time. Had no idea what I had been missing my whole life! ;)
• Finished a book! (7/12)
• Tried seven new kinds of wine. (Not necessarily a success, but certainly fun!)
• Booked flights for a wedding in NYC.

August Goals
• Continue Egypt planning.
• rotate truck's tires
• book another hotel night in NYC

IWSG Question: What pitfalls would you warn other writers to avoid on their publication journey?

I've never published, aside from blog posts. 😳I guess with any kind of publication, I would warn other writers that anything you share online or publish is forever. Be sure you want to be that open with your audience. Also know that there will always be mistakes that you won't spot until you've published; this is why an editor is important. Have at least one other person read your writing before you publish. Also, consider reading your writing out loud. You may gloss over mistakes if you read your writing to yourself but reading out loud will force you to see and hear each word that you've written.

Your Turn:

Have you ever unintentionally shared something with someone by being too open either online or otherwise? What happened? Would you approach the situation differently next time?

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