The Friday Five #6

1. What plans did you have for this summer?

Working. Vacationing. Apparently deep cleaning? (Who knew?)

2. Have you accomplished them or is it still a work in progress?

Cleaning will always be a work in progress.
a. I cleaned out my email. (One account was getting closed, so I needed to update subscriptions so that I would continue to get emails I was interested in.)
b. I got rid of a bunch of clothes. That's been at least 5 years of ignoring/putting off.
c. We got rid of at least 3 printers. My husband keeps old electronics to tinker with. Six years in and the electronics still haven't been tinkered with? Out they go.
d. We also got rid of books that no longer apply to our lives. I mean  – do people ever really go back to the same books they've already read? Life feels too short to!
e. We also organized by buying new tupperware and shelves. Unfortunately, I still don't have a place for everything!

3. What would make this summer much better for you?

Getting asked to work more in August. Extra money is always nice.

4. When did you go back to school from summer break when you were a kid?

At the end of August. It feels like kids go back to school so early now!

5. Is anyone else as shocked as I am that July and most of the summer is nearly over?

YES! Where did summer go?

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