The Friday Five #5

Another week, another Friday FivePlease join me in answering these questions. I'd love to read your responses! :)

1) If you could be either a fish or a bird, which would you be, and why?

I'd be a bird. I'm not sure why. I guess I like the idea of soaring over everything.

2) Would you rather it be 10 degrees too hot or 10 degrees too cold? (Does your answer change if that’s indoors or outdoors?)

Too cold. Always. I live where it is already pretty hot, so "too cold" is probably like 20º or 30º F in the winter and 70º or 80º F in the summer. Indoors? I live at 70ºF, so 60º or 50º isn't too bad. I like blankets and sweaters. Of course, it's hard typing when your fingers are freezing, and fingerless gloves don't seem too appealing. Maybe a hot glass of tea or hot chocolate would suffice? So long as I don't spill it on my laptop!

3) What is the best thing that happened to you today?

It's 7am, so not much! The best thing that happened to me this past weekend? (I'm blogging ahead. It's Monday morning.) Finding and buying a mostly sold out dress. It's the wrong size, but I'm going to get it altered. I also spent time with friends and family. Went wine tasting. :) 6 types and one port. We paired them with a three course meal. And then we ate homemade pizza last night. Yum! :)

4) Is youth wasted on the young? (Follow-up: are you old or young?)

I'm not sure. I'm not particularly old. I definitely wouldn't want to be a child again. And teenagehood wasn't that great either. There are things I wish I had realized or done at a younger age that I have done or realized since that have impacted my life positively. But was my youth wasted with naivety? Was my time and energy wasted?  Doubtful. Ask me again in 20 years.

5) Pasta salad or potato salad?

Depends on if I'm in Hawai'i or not. Pasta salad goes with everything in Hawai'i. Potato salad goes with barbecue, burgers, or KFC. Both can be good.

Do you have any special plans for the weekend?

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