Wordless Wednesday #17

Bowen's Island Restaurant in Charleston, SC (August 2015)

One of the best places in Charleston, SC to watch the sun set is at Bowen's Island Restaurant on Bowen's Island. The restaurant is really laid back. You stand in line (which can get quite long at sunset!) to order your food, then grab a table either inside or on the deck to wait for your food. The biggest appeal for seafoodies are the fresh oysters which you can buy in either whole or half size trays. If you order the oysters, you will have to work for them! Clawing and peeling and pulling, my husband has been known to leave this restaurant with bloody hands! Other seafood options are available, but my go-to is typically the keylime pie. I prefer to get my dinner in town since I don't care too much for seafood. Having a slice of yummy pie and watching the sunset is definitely my idea of a good evening though! Who could pass up a beautiful sunset like that?

Address1870 Bowens Island Rd, Charleston, SC 29412
Hours: Mon-Sat 5-9:30PM

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