The Friday Five

Roussillon, France
Roussillon, France (May 2014)
I've been kind of quiet on the blog recently, and it's not for lack of things to say! It's because I'm continuing to get my life in order. Only a few more items on the spring cleaning list: going through sewing supplies, tools, a few more items of clothing, my husband's books and textbooks, and electronics. Phew! Of course, that doesn't include getting more organized.

We've started buying the hard drives for our RAID system and now we are looking at purchasing a DROBO to hold the back up drives. THEN I will be able to pull my California images off of my camera cards and look at my water drenched hard drive to see if any of my files are recoverable.

I'm also finishing up planning for our trip to Florida, working ahead on planning for our time in NYC when we attend a wedding this fall, and getting ready for our trip to Egypt this winter. Although, let's be real: Egypt is definitely on the back burner. With a summer vacation coming up quickly (that wasn't my choice), obviously my focus is on that. And trying to save money too.

Anyway, here's last Friday's The Friday Five! Please join me in answering these questions. I'd love to read your responses! :)

1) Where did you go, and what did you do, on your last vacation trip?
 I went to DC to the JapanFest and to see the cherry blossoms. We had a friend participating and performing in the JapanFest. We didn't do a whole lot. We walked around, ate pizza, and explored the National Portrait Museum.

2) How often do you take trips for pleasure? As often as I can! I like going during US holidays because I typically have them off of work. Any chance to get out and see the world or explore a place I've never been to!

3) How much vacation time do you take each year? I am given 3 weeks + a number of holidays. I often get extra days during the year equaling to more than four weeks off. (I don't get a choice in the extra days.)

4) Are you satisfied/happy with the amount of time off you can take? I feel like I get a lot of time off compared to others. My biggest worry is that if I take too much time off I could lose my job. Or if I take too much consecutive time off, that could be a problem.

5) What would be your ideal or dream vacation if money and time were no object? Exploring the world. I mean money and time are no object, right? There are too many places I want to see and not enough money or time to visit. A snippet of places I want to see: Japan, Morocco, Greece, Russia (I know, I know), Italy (again), Spain, England, Portugal, Switzerland, Netherlands, etc, etc, etc…

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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