The Friday Five #4

Guess what?!?! Another Friday Five!

I've been really enjoying participating. You never know what questions will be asked and I think that's what makes it fun. Please join in. I love reading your responses to these questions! It helps me get to know you better. :)

1. Describe your favorite outfit. Winter sweaters and jeans. Flowing A-line dresses.
2. Describe your personal style. Girly. A little boho. Simple. My favorite stores are Anthropologie and Free People, if that helps.
3. Approximately how much do you spend on fashion/personal care annually? Maybe $500? I'm having a hard time guessing because I don't shop often (maybe one or two outfits every 3-6 months) but when I do I buy more expensive clothing. But then I have hair appointments twice a month. (Trying to grow it out and clear out all of the split ends that drive me crazy.) I rarely buy makeup. Maybe once or twice a year? I don't have time to wear it … and I don't really know how to either. So why bother? I spend even less on jewelry and shoes. I wear the same things over and over again. I may as well have a capsule wardrobe.
4. Do you dress for yourself or for everyone else? Both? I like cute, comfortable, casual clothing, but, due to my job, I occasionally have to wear something specific.
5. Give us your best fashion/personal care advice. Be yourself. I mean – dress for the occasion, but don't let anyone else's opinion effect your style. If you aren't comfortable, it will come across.

What's new with me? Just last weekend we …
– Bought some shelves to organize and store my husband's tools.
– Cleaned up, labeled, and organized our electronics. Now I know which cords are which.
– Went through the kitchen cabinets tossing old and unused items.
– Trashed a bunch of pictures. If I don't like them, why keep them?
– Took my sweaters to the dry cleaner and, less than a week later, now have them stored neatly in a container under the bed.
– Put together a coat tree and hung a hunch of bags and hats.
– Another box went to Goodwill. And we filled up the trash bins and recycle bins. Yet we still have piles and piles of stuff. What does that mean?
– Ten loads of laundry.
– Sprayed insecticide and poison to keep bugs at bay.
– Opened a new email account. Turns out my school email will expire in a month. I use it as one of my main email accounts. Now I have less than a month to get my email address updated on a million accounts and back up all of my old emails. :(
– Agreed to work extra hours at my job.

Phew! I think it's time for vacation.

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