The Friday Five #3

Brittany, France (July 2016)

1. Do you think you have a health lifestyle?

Not really. I eat what I want when I want and the most I exercise is when I travel.

2. What could you do to improve it?

Eating more fruits, veggies and protein. Drinking more water. Exercising with purpose three times a week.

3. Are you tempted to eat every time you are hungry or do you wait for the next meal?

YEP! If I'm hungry, I eat. I skip meals all the time.

4. When are you most tempted to snack?

While watching kids. There is nothing like watching them eat a popsicle or ice cream and wishing you had one yourself…

5. Do you agree with the saying: "Eat your breakfast, share your lunch with a friend and give your dinner to your enemy" or do you think it matters?

Breakfast is the worst meal of the day. What are my choices? Eggs? … which I don't like. Toast is full of carbs. Pancakes and waffles have tons of sugar especially when you add syrup. Cinnamon rolls are delicious but bad for you. Cheerios (one of the few cereals without sugar) are disgusting and taste like cardboard.

In the morning, if I'm going to eat breakfast, I should eat something with a lot of protein. Corned beef hash is a go-to, if it's the weekend. If I could have eggs cochon (eggs benedict with pork) outside of New Orleans, I would have it every day of the week. Cheese grits are good. I like homemade fried chicken with drop biscuits and red pepper jelly. And breakfast drinks (full of sugar) like mimosas and bellinis are super fun!

Then there is lunch. Lunch is almost as bad as breakfast. Who really has time for it? Sandwiches are meh. Lots of carbs with only a small bit of protein. Fast food which is terrible for you. Leftovers from last night's dinner are meh.

No, no. Give me dinner. My enemy can have my breakfast. And I am totally up for sharing lunch. No one needs a full meal then anyway.

And yes, I know the general idea of this quote is that you shouldn't have dinner so close to bed.I don't care. If I'm going to eat healthy (at all), dinner is my meal of choice.

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