At the beginning of every month, as part of the Insecure Writer's Support Group, I take a look at my successes (not just in writing), share the ways I hope to improve in the next month, answer the IWSG question of the month, and provide inspiration (if I have any).

– Finish 50% or more of April A-Z. (13 posts, edit or delete 4,000 images)
Finish planning both April trips: California, Washington D.C.

Other Successes:
• Got a new computer!
• Got a new phone! (128 gigs so more room for pictures! Plus the GPS more consistently works.)
• Commented on 40+ blogs for the April A-Z challenge.
• travelled to California, Washington D.C. and Alabama … and didn't collapse from exhaustion.
• More hours, different family means I'm earning more money.
• I learned more about wine through taste-testing and now have a clue about what I like. I can go into a grocery store and buy a (California) wine I like without help from staff or my husband. YAY!

May Goals:
• plan for our July trip (currently looking at Miami and New Orleans)
• and for our trip to Egypt.
• Mother's Day! And two birthdays. And a first communion.
• Change oil on both cars. Rotate tires on the truck.
• Get the truck's transmission looked at.
• Recover files from the dead computer.

IWSG Question: It’s spring! Does this season inspire you to write more than others, or not?

Nope. Of course, not having a laptop and working extra hours (more pay!) also doesn't inspire me to write more. I was on a role in March, though. Hopefully I will manage to finish my April A-Z goal as soon as I finish getting the rest of the computer peripherals in from Amazon. (Though I am also dreading it because I'm no longer ahead, I'm not working against a time table, I'm working extra hours at work, and I have to go through approximately 7,000 images still. Ugh.)

What about you? Does the change in seasons inspire you to get more done? Were you successful at completing April A-Z this year?

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