Live Blogging: 4 Trips/5 Months 10/10/17 Update

Synopsis: In August I began a new job that provided me with a lot of vacation time for the rest of the year but very minimal vacation time for next year. In an effort to make the most of it, I'm planning four trips in five months (now, three) with updates weekly on how the planning process is going. I've also included the planning I'm doing for a trip to California that will take place in the spring of next year. I invite you to follow along, offer suggestions, and learn from both my experiences and mistakes.

For Trip #1 (October leaf looking):

• Putting all of my plans into Visit A City revealed I had much more on my plate than I could successfully fit into my trip. We ended up just having to go make the drive and see what we could fit in along the way, making changes and adjustments last minute.
• I'll probably add more details on what worked for us and what didn't when we get back. I'll be sure to fill you all in.

Our trip started on October 6 in Boston and we are headed home today. (Yay for post scheduling!)

For Trip #2 (November in NYC):
• Discovered Birdland Jazz Club through Groupon. I've never been to a jazz club, so why not? Love that so many famous jazz musicians were once headliners there!
• Speaking of music, I forgot to mention in any of my other posts that Billy Joel will be holding a concert while we are there at Madison Square Gardens. If I can get tickets, we are going.
• Flight prices keep rising and I'm kicking myself for not booking sooner. Is this trip really worth the price tag? Of course, I'm looking at other places (Las Vegas –> Grand Canyon, Oregon), but all flights are going up in price, so it's not just NYC. Of course, I'm also looking at weird routing. So, like DC to NYC instead of a direct flight; whatever I can do to save money. In the end, every weird route I've looked at doesn't save that much money, so I end up holding off booking. Vicious cycle.

For Trip #3 (November in New Orleans):
• You all had lots of suggestions for New Orleans. I've gotta work my way through them. Thank you!!!

For Trip #4 (December in ??):
• Just watching flights…

For Trip #5 (April? 2018 in California):
• Learned that there are day trips you can take to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas via bus (so you don't have to drive), but most people recommend at least having a night there.
• So, then, I discovered there are bus/tour trips you can take that includes a one night stay with a bus right to and from Las Vegas.
• While I realize it was not recommended that I include the Grand Canyon in with the trip down the coast of California, I decided to research it anyway. Because why not? When I start planning the details of the trip, it will become more clear what will fit into my trip and what won't.

Did any of you have Columbus Day off? … Did you do anything for it? Have you ever mass planned like this before? (Maybe not trips, but anything?) What worked for you and what didn't?

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