Live Blogging: 4 Trips, 5 Months 10/31/17

Backstory, for those of you new to this series: In August I began a new job that provided me with a lot of vacation time for the rest of the year but very minimal vacation time for next year. In an effort to make the most of it, I'm planning four trips in five months (now, three) with updates weekly on how the planning process is going.

With trip #1 out of the way, I am left with:

Trip #2 – New York City, Trip #3 – New Orleans, and Trip #4 – ?!?!

Here's what I accomplished this week…

Trip #2

We got tickets to The Late Show!!! Woot! Woot! :)

And that's about it.

For Trip #3

I've researched jazz clubs. (There are a lot.) And ticket prices for the Celebration in the Oaks lights. Is it worth it? I don't know.

I really need to start focusing on booking hotels otherwise we may end up sleeping in our rental car!

Trip #4

Got into an argument with the husband, so now maybe we are going to Vegas? Maybe? And driving to the Grand Canyon? Or Los Angeles? *shrugs* Is California particularly interesting during the holiday season? Will there be ice on the drive to the Grand Canyon if we go that route? Are we simply choosing the wrong time of year to do these things?

By the way, I also played around with the idea of the Bahamas, Oregon, and Mexico.

Travel decisions are complicated.

And I'm still sick.

Maybe one day I'll get everything figured out.

Anyway, happy Halloween! Will any of you be dressing up or doing anything particularly special tonight?

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