Wordless Wednesday #17

Cinque Terre (May 2014)

This week my husband and I are prepping to go out of town for July 4th. To get ready, so far, we've washed our sheets, vacuumed, charged the camera batteries… Next on the list: cleaning the bathroom and packing. I prefer to leave the house clean so that when I get back there is less to do. I can focus on washing clothes and getting extra sleep (because I always need a bit of time to recover, a vacation from my vacation, if you will).

How do you plan and prep for a vacation or long weekend away from the house? … Do you just get up and leave? Or do you plan and prepare like I do?

… And speaking of long weekends, for those of you that celebrate July 4th, will you be going anywhere this weekend for the holiday? For those of you that don't, do you have any major (or minor) vacation plans for the summer?

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