Wordless Wednesday #16

Biltmore Estates in Asheville, NC (May 2015)

For #WordlessWednesday, I have had a friend request that I join in the 30 Question Blog Hop.

Here you go… 😀

1. What did you want to be when you were a kid? A teacher, a marine biologist (because dolphins!), a graphic designer, a writer…

2. Which “Friends” character do you relate to the most? Why? The Buzzfeed quiz told me I'm Chandler. Because I'm funny?

This quiz also says I'm Chandler.

I could definitely see myself more as Rachel. Shopping for a living? Heck yeah! Of course, I'm probably also somewhat of a ditz like Phoebe and a control freak like Monica. I don't really relate to Joey or Chandler at all. Well, maybe I'm sarcastic like Chandler. I don't really remember anything specific about Ross… I guess it probably doesn't help that I've only seen approximately one or two seasons worth of episodes.

3. Do you like your name? Why? Sure. Why not? I have to have one.

4. Are you messy or neat? A mix? I hate cleaning, but I like it when my living quarters are clean. Combine that with a messy husband … and we've got a mix.

5. How tall are you? Short. It's great when I need to get through crowds, but I'm not quite as good at finding people, in those same crowds, as tall people.

Try traveling with tall people. See how many times you are offered the kids menu. 😉

6. How tall were you when you were 10? short. I haven't grown much since.

7. What is your guilty pleasure? sleeping, watching tv shows I watched as a kid, reading young adult fiction… eating ALL of the ice cream!

8. What are you saving money for right now? I'm not. We are paying off student loans, paying off a car loan… getting a car fixed and paying way more for car insurance than should ever be allowed. 😕

If I were to be saving money, first it would be for my emergency savings account (need $3,000 more), then it would be for a new computer, then a house, then it would be for a car (to replace a 2006 model), and, finally, it would be for travel.

9. How many Pringles can you eat at once? a whole can. Of course, the last time I tried I was a lot yonger.

10. Tea or coffee? French breakfast tea is my favorite!

11. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Definitely an introvert. I can go days without talking to someone and not notice or care.

12. What will be your Halloween costume this year? I don't dress up for Halloween. I avoid the holiday altogether and go out to dinner with my husband. The restaurants are empty so it's a great time to try a new one!

13. Sweet or salty? Can I have both?

14. Favorite social media? Twitter! I may be an introvert but I love twitter chats!

15. Who is the last person you kissed? My husband probably. But it's been three weeks. We've both been sick.

16. What is your favorite breakfast? Right now? Peanut butter toast and a glass of orange juice. I get on "kicks". I eat the same thing everyday for a while until I want something completely different. Next week I may be in love with muesli. You never know.

17. When is your birthday? In the summer.

18. When did you start your blog? I've been blogging since at least 2004. This particular blog was started sometime in 2011.

19. What is your opinion on the Kardashians? Not a fan. Couldn't care less about them.

20. How would you describe your style? Free People + Anthropologie. I like dresses, frills, and lace, but I also like being comfortable. Glitter flats are me. Sparkly, fun, girly … not extraordinarily grown up, but super comfy. Also, I live in the south, so flip flops are dressy casual, whatever that means.

21. What color is your hair? brown.

22. What color socks are you wearing? n/a. I live in the south US, remember? Nobody wears shoes when the temperatures are 80/90/100ºF outside. Instead, you go get your toenails done and call that your "sock" color.

23. What is your dream job? Travel writer/editor would be ideal. I also love my current position as a nanny.

24. Dogs or cats? Dogs.

25. What makes you weird? So many things. Aren't we all unique?

26. Celebrity crush? Right now, given the current political climate in the US, let's change it to political crush! Jon Ossoff is leading followed by Angela Merkel (seriously swoon when she says or does something amazing!), Emmanuel Macron (inviting American scientists to work in France!!), and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Prince William, Prince Harry, and the Queen are on my radar too.

Seriously. Smart people are hot. 😊 Add a smidge of kindness and … ❤️

As for actual celebs, I'm currently loving Mayim Balik, a science nerd that is actively fighting for women's rights.

27. Opinion on cigarettes? Dislike.

skipping 28-30. Too personal.

(For reference they were: 28. Do you want children? how many? 29. Favorite boy names. 30. Favorite girl names.)

So, your turn. Do you have the patience to answer 30 questions?

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