At the beginning of every month, as part of the Insecure Writer's Support Group, I take a look at my successes (not just in writing), share the ways I hope to improve in the next month, answer the IWSG question of the month, and provide inspiration (if I have any).

May Goals –
✓ read 2 books. (I'm so behind on this yearly goal!)
✗ put together my resumé and look for jobs.
✓ Continue to stay involved in politics.
✓ Also, keep working on my 101 in 1001 list.
✓ Stay positive. :)

Additional Successes –
✓ Continuing to grow Twitter #s.

✓ Spent time with family.

June Goals –
• Stick to budget

• Read a book.

IWSG Question: Did you ever say 'I quit'? If so, what happened to make you come back to writing?

In college, I remember being told I couldn't make money as a writer, so I turned to art. My second cousin is a graphic designer, so I had hope that maybe she would take me under her wing.

But, ultimately, no such luck.

Instead, I found myself fighting with my counselors and advisors trying to get me into a position where, when I left school, I would have the knowledge to get a job.

I had exactly one teacher on my side by the time I graduated. They were more than happy to pass me in my classes, but somehow they didn't believe I had the skills to deserve references?

And then I fought my way through internships, working for people who claimed I had "skill" but refused to pay me. Then, when I used the law to explain why I deserved payment, they turned their back on me.

So, along with freelance jobs that have nothing to do with anything I majored in, I blog. It's a way to continue developing my skills even if I can't have the career of my dreams.

Your Turn

What have been some of the most difficult challenges you've faced regarding your career? 

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