Wordless Wednesday #6

New York City wasn't my first vacation nor did I have my family with me the first time I went. No, my trip to New York City was with my high school orchestra class. We were suppose to take our instruments and play at Radio City Music Hall. (And what a story that would have been!) But alas, that didn't come to pass. Radio City Music Hall, unsurprisingly, pulled that opportunity from us and we ended up visiting New York City for purely leisure purposes. (It's probably a good thing, because I had no idea how short little me was going to carry a suitcase and a cello through the airport! – One of those times when it's better to be in chorus, so that you only have to carry yourself as your instrument!)

Anyway, I remember being torn about going. My best friend wouldn't be, and I didn't want to be "alone". Luckily, it was a great opportunity for me to branch out of my comfort zone and meet new people – my classmates, essentially.

I'd love to say that we all are still close friends, but that just didn't come to pass. A trip like this brings you close for a while, but eventually everyone goes their own separate ways.

I think the key lesson I took from this trip is that I don't need to cling to friends and family when I travel. I can have a great experience even if I don't know anyone I'm going with – even if I go alone! It's all about attitude. If you decide to have a great time, you will.

What was the first meaningful travel experience you ever had? Was it the place that made the experience or something inside you? Would you ever return to that place?

* I'm participating in #LoveBlog2017. Today's prompt: Travel. (How fitting!) Come join in and share your travel experiences (first or last or anything in between!) with the world (or the link-up, whichever)!

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