Crushing on Travel: Top 10 Places

The past two weeks have been crazy in the US as we deal with a new president, and I am not above the emotional rollercoaster that has caused. However, given that it is a new month, I will be striving to follow along with Love Blog 2017, sharing positive experiences in my life related to travel … and not. Feel free to follow along, join in, or share your own "love" experiences. :)

1. Santorini, Greece

2. French Riviera, France

3. London, England

4. Juneau, Alaska

5. New Orleans, Louisiana

6. Berlin, Germany

7. Amsterdam, Netherlands

8. Niagara Falls, Canada or US

9. Amalfi Coast, Italy

10. New Zealand

What are some places on your top 10 list?

P.S. My top ten list is not in order of preference. :) I'd be happy to visit any of these places whenever I am given the opportunity!

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