Collecting Wisdom: 8 Books I've Read to Prep for Vacations in the Past Few Months

Recently I've taken up travel planning with more than just the internet; I've been using books as well. This is new for me, because in the past I've just incessantly searched online. This all changed when Justin and I were on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and we had no idea which sites to stop and see. I had an online guide, but it didn't really show me what I would be missing if I didn't stop, and it didn't direct me as to which sites might take extra time compared to others. Plus, the internet was slow… Then, when we were planning Montreal and Quebec City, I needed to be able to research without the internet at all on Amtrak, so we purchased two guidebooks. From there, I started marking up maps (that came with the guidebooks) which ended up being incredibly helpful to us. So, here I am doing the same thing for Hawaii.

While the internet is an invaluable research, travel guides have provided me with even more resource to take my trips from amazing to magnificent!

1. The Photographer's Guide to the Blue Ridge Parkway by Jim Hargan (buy)

2. Michelin Green Guide: Montreal & Quebec City (buy)

3. Frommer's Montreal Day-By-Day by Leslie Brokaw (buy)

4. Maui Revealed by Anthony Doughty (buy)

5. Oahu Revealed by Anthony Doughty (buy)

6. Frommer's Maui Day-By-Day by Jeanette Foster (buy)

7. Frommer's Oahu & Honolulu Day-By-Day by Jeanette Foster (buy)

8. Driving & Discovering Hawaii: Maui and Molokai by Richard Sullivan (buy)

How do you obtain "wisdom" before traveling? … Or do you even bother?

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