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One of my favorite aspects of blogging is learning to see the world through other's eyes. I especially enjoy gaining tidbits of insight both through the comments on my own blog as well as in the blog posts from others. Today's #LoveBlog2017 topic being "role models", I thought I'd share a few of the blogs I've learned the most from over the past few years:

If you ever need a pick-me-up or need to hear that your concerns and worries aren't unfounded, go here. Brandon Stanton goes around New York City (and the world) photographing people and telling their powerful, emotion-filled stories about love, life, loss, and so much more. Some break your heart while others bring you joy beyond comparison. Either way, you won't leave his blog unchanged.

I am a photography nerd. I love learning more about how to develop my skills and art, but I don't always love paying for it. Luckily, Phlearn offers tips and tricks in their blog so that I can learn a little bit at a time, as I want to learn it, without it costing an arm and leg in the hope that I haven't learned the thing before. Check it out if you are as much into photography as me! :)

She hasn't posted in a while, but every time she does post I learn something new – how to write better, how to pronounce certain words, tips and tricks for remembering grammar rules. Whatever you need to know about writing, she's probably posted about it before; just make your way over to her website and try a search. You are bound to come away with new and helpful knowledge!

When I was planning my trip to Hawaii, I stumbled across this site. And then read and read and read… all night! The images are beautiful and the information is useful. If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, and more specifically have Oahu in your sights, be sure to check out Exploration Hawaii for great tips on which restaurants to eat and awesome hikes that will fill your days with beauty. Trust me, you don't want to skip this.

If you are struggling to learn a language like I am (or become more informed about a particular culture), there is probably a blog out there for you. For me, one of those blogs is German is Easy. To be totally straight forward with you all, I suck at following this blog as intently as I would like. And for that matter, I suck at practically everything having to do with language learning. I'd love to be fluent in German, but the practicing can get overwhelming … and I'm not a quick learner. But, even if I'm not the best at practicing my language skills, I am super grateful for blog writers that break down a language and make it easier to understand. Even if I only pick up on or remember one word from every five posts, that is still one more word that I wouldn't know otherwise. And the way German is Easy breaks down the meaning of a word allows you to learn some of the many nuances that may differentiate that word from any word you will have to compare it to in English.

So, if you are learning German, check this site out.

If you are learning a different language that is not German, do a google search and see if you can find a similar site to follow along with. I promise that it will make all of the difference! :)

P.S. German is not easy. In fact, it is hard. :-/

Even though this is only a few of the hundreds of blogs I follow and comment on, I hope that they will be of use to you or encourage you to find and utilize similar types of blogs for helpful information regarding the topics that most interest you.

Now that you know of a few sites I use to learn from, share with me some of the websites you use! Are there any that you find particularly helpful and can't imagine living without?

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