Wordless Wednesday #2

Washington D.C. (October 2014)

My first amendment rights are some of my favorite in the whole constitution. And those rights are some of the rights I will be defending this weekend in The Million Women March on DC. Whether you are (or were) pro-Trump or not, the inauguration and this upcoming week will bring about changes to the US that I can only hope we are ready for. If you are in the DC area this weekend, feel free to join in on the march; despite having "women" in the name, it is a march for all that want to defend their rights in the US. If you aren't in DC this weekend, be sure to check facebook and google for marches in your area; I know, at the very least, that Atlanta will be having one. Surely there are cities wherever you are (in the US) that are also hosting marches. And, even if The Million Women March on DC isn't something you support, be sure to stay updated on US national politics, writing and calling your national and state representatives.

Are you excited or worried about the inauguration of Trump? If you are concerned, what steps are you taking to get your voice heard in Washington? If you are excited, how will you be celebrating? … Will you be celebrating?

Update: The Women's March has been extended internationally. Click here to find out how and where you can attend and fight for women's rights.

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