Top Five 2017 New Years Goals

Charleston, SC (July 2013)

Every year, for the sake of the blog, I make goals. I'm not always successful … in fact, I rarely complete all of my goals, whether written and published on this blog … or not. BUT, I am always striving to do better. Here are my goals for 2017 (and how I fared for 2016) –

1. Always number one on my list: SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

What happens if, just randomly, someone gets into a car accident tomorrow? Or a plane crashes into the World Trade Center?

… Then there are my older family members, the ones whose time and days are already limited.

We won't even mention the ones that live in another country. I struggle to even get across the US to visit my friends and family in California!!

So, yes, spending time with friends and family will always be on my list, from now until eternity. I love these people to the moon and back, even if I don't always feel like I do (!!), and they are worthy of a drive up the street, a cake for their birthday, or even a 7 hour flight. Whatever it takes, however they need me, I will be there for them as best as I can. ❤️

2. And that leads me to the next thing on my list, MY BLOG READERS and BLOG.

This year my blog has gone through a number of changes:
• Added social media channels
• Upgraded to Disqus commenting
• Blog makeover

This year, I'd like to see improvement in my writing, my photography, and more focus on my 'niche' topic.

And as for my blog readers? I'd love to find more ways to connect.

Yes, what I share here can be very personal. And sometimes I write just for me. BUT, if I can share facts or answer questions related to my experiences to help others have a better experience than what I had, that is what I would most love to do. If I can write for both my health and the benefit of my readers, I think it's a win-win situation!

One more thing before I move on, it'd be great if I could come up with a blogging calendar and stick to it. I always get behind … then catch up. Rinse. Repeat. Over and over and over again. ALL YEAR LONG. :-/


This year may suffer since I think I will be facing a job change, but we will see. I'm currently hoping for the best, while expecting the worst. The point is: I love to travel and see the world. I feel like doing so makes me a better person.

Last year we began our year visiting New York City, Paris (France), Strasbourg (France), Prague (Czech Republic), Stuttgart (Germany), and Dresden (Germany). Then, later in the year, we went to Versailles (France), Hilton Head (South Carolina), Myrtle Beach (South Carolina), Beaufort (South Carolina), Charleston (South Carolina), Asheville (North Carolina), Savannah (Georgia), Columbus (Georgia), Giverny (France), St. Marlo (France), St. Brieuc (France), and Mont-St. Michel (France). It was a busy year indeed.

So far, for this year, we have plans to explore Montreal and Quebec City, Canada; Boston, Massachusetts; Washington DC; and Maui and Honolulu, Hawaii with talks of taking a road trip to see the Grand Canyon (Colorado). Here's hoping it all works out and that this year is as great if not better than last! :)


Walk more, drink more water, lose weight.

I didn't last year, so what makes me think I will this year?

5. And finally, my long-standing READing goal.

Two books a month. You'd think it wouldn't be that hard, but I've only completed it one time (24 books) in two years. At least I got close in 2016? (21 books.)

… Does that count for anything?

What are your 2017 goals? Were you successful at last year's?

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