(College) Drinking in Savannah

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For my brother's graduation from college, he decided to take my husband out on the town in Savannah, Georgia trying all of the hot drinking spots. Not really being a big drinker, you can imagine what a fan I was of this. Nevertheless, I went along with it, just to say I had done it. :) What else were we going to do in Savannah, Georgia on a Saturday night?

First up:

Moon River Brewing Company

A small biergarten located near our hotel seemed like the perfect place to spend time with both family and friends in celebration of the new graduate! The majority of the restaurant is located outside under arbors and trellises covered in vine which keeps the sun from being directly over you.

My husband, brother, and my brother's future in-laws decided to play a game of cornhole while consuming their beer. The more they drank, the better their aim got, or so they said. ;)

After a while of good, clean fun, and calm music, it was time to move on to…

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Wet Willie's

I had never been there, so I was actually kind of excited to go. Frozen fruity drinks with sugar? Heck yeah! :)

At first, I ordered the strawberry lemonade. Justin had seen it listed as one of the drinks with little to no alcohol on the menu, and, besides, it already sounded like something I would like. Luckily, the lady behind the counter let me try a sample. She reassured me that the drink wouldn't have too strong of an alcohol flavor. One sip out of the small trial cup and I was done. "Too sweet!" I complained. As it turns out, it was a very sweet (as in dripping with sugar) drink with a slight alcohol undertone; it just wasn't what I was looking for.

Then, I moved on to the strawberry margarita. That had waaaaaayyyy too much alcohol flavor.

That's when my brother's future mother-in-law offered to let me try her drink – a strawberry piña colada. Yum! It was the perfect blend of minimal alcoholic undertone mixed with just the right amount of sweet to balance the drink. And because we were on River Street in Savannah, I was able to take my drink out to the river and watch the most perfect sunset I've ever seen in Savannah! While the location wasn't pretty enough for pictures, it was definitely a fine enough location for getting away from family for a bit and spending time alone with one's husband. :)

The Warehouse

Located on River Street right smack dab between Wet Willie's and River Street Sweets, the Warehouse is a great place to get in a game of pool, listen to a great band, drink all of the alcohol you could possibly want, and eat a bunch of fried food. And that is exactly what we did. After ice cream from River Street Sweets, of course! :) During the summer, they leave the area is open allowing you to enjoy the cool, summer night breeze (because believe me, by May when my brother graduated, it already basically felt like summer!).

After my husband lost a game of pool to my brother (which was a shock!), we headed back to the hotel. Our night the day before had ended really late, close to midnight, and graduation took place early the next morning with us getting up between 5 and 6, so we were exhausted. (And we're old, comparatively.)

Rather than ending his night there, my brother decided to venture on to…

you'll never guess… ;)

Photo credit: Lodigs via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA
Five Guys!

Because nothing says I'm drunk and need to sober up like Five Guys burgers and fries (and milkshakes).

While I'm sure there are plenty more great drinking spots in Savannah, these were the places my now-graduated brother wanted to visit in celebration of concluding all of his years in school (which now numbered 18!)

Savannah definitely has a lot of history and beauty to it, but when I visit I typically think of it more as a drinking and partying town, especially in comparison to the more laid back Charleston.

Have you ever been to Savannah, GA? If you have, are you like me, and would you classify it as more of a drinking/partying town? Are they any drinking places that you think my brother should have visited for his graduation celebration? If you haven't been to Savannah, would you consider going in the future?

* I'm spending July writing my blog posts in response to all of the wacky (and not so wacky) national and international holidays that occur during this month. Today's post was written in response to National Daiquiri Day! How will you be spending your Tuesday? ;)
** This post was written in advance. I am out of town and working full time most of this month. I appreciate your understanding if I am slow to respond to comments and questions. :)

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