Shopping the Charleston City Market

Even though I didn't include it in the must-see list, walking around the Charleston City Market is definitely a must-do. Four blocks long, the city market was established in the late 1700s with the current building being added in the mid-1800s. When the market was first erected, it was a location for farmers and plantation owners to sell their goods (beef, produce) and socialize. With fewer plantation and farm owners in the Charleston vicinity now, the Charleston City Market has become a great place to buy souvenirs including original (and copied) art, flowers made out of palm leafs, handmade jewelry, well-designed leather goods, tshirts, candy, drinks, cookbooks, and so much more! 

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While the City Market in Charleston has faced some ups and downs as to it's future, overwhelmingly the people of Charleston seem to like having a place to sell trinkets and gifts, and tourists consider it a fun and unique place to shop. 

What do you think of the Charleston City Market? Does it remind you of any places in your hometown? Do you think you would enjoy shopping there?

* Facts gathered from Wikipedia.

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  1. Okay, that's so what I'd be hitting up first. I love those sorts of things.


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