Nationalpark Sächsische Schweiz in Germany

Oh me, oh my, oh May! What started out as calm and collected, escalated quickly as my month became filled to the brim with more to do than I could have even imagined. I received my calendar for the summer with the kid's schedules on it as well as began piecing together our upcoming trips to NYC and Europe. Needless to say, while last summer was a bit slow; this summer is looking hectic and full to the brim! I'm a tad worried I'll get behind on blogging, reading, and living, but I'm excited for all of the new experiences I will be having, and money I will be making!

May Accomplishments –
✓ Something cultural
✗ Read at least 2 books.
✓ Research July travel.
✓ Create a blog plan for June.
✗ Contact Jawbone about replacement Up3.
✓Sell ONE thing on poshmark (my jeans) &/or trash/Goodwill at least 5 items.

Additional Successes –
✓July blog schedule planned! :)
✓Began cleaning up my blog.
✓Finished planning for May travel! (duh.)
✓Participated in all of the link-ups. (Not really, but it felt like it.)

Future June Goals –
• Research & Finish July travel.
• Contact Jawbone about replacement Up3.
• Read one book.
• Take car in for warranty service. (We have an appointment for today.)
• Something cultural? Maybe the Chihuly exhibit?

Encouragement & Thoughts –

I love that Andrew Stanton (of Pixar) talks about telling a story through nonverbal communication. I know IWSG'ers are storytellers and writers and we use mostly written communication, but is there a way for us to share our stories and get our ideas across without actually saying what we are thinking or mean? Beyond, say, having a character "scratch their head in contemplation" or "scream in excitement"? Perhaps we can use specific words to indicate an idea rather than using many words to get the same idea across?

Was your May filled with success or frustration? Did you accomplish any/all of the goals you set out to? … Did you make goals? Are you looking to have a busy summer like me?

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  1. LOL! My goals lately mostly consist of "don't die." =) Okay, that's not true. They're so complicated and involved I couldn't survive without my calendar. Daily goals, weekly goals, six month goals, year long goals... Maybe I need a few less of them. ;)

    1. lol. That's a good goal! :) I think it's good to have so many goals; it keeps you productive. Do you just use Google calendar? Or a traditional paper calendar? I need a better method to my madness, so I'd love to hear how you keep track of everything! :)

  2. I had to have my Jawbone replaced, too. Once I got around to contacting them it didn't take long.

    1. Oh thank goodness! I've read some reviews where it has taken Jawbone months and months to replace their bands. Of course, I don't think they should be breaking in the first place, but that's another story. :( How long had you had yours before it broke? Has the replacement lasted?

  3. After the A to Z challenge I played 'catch-up' the entire month of May! Funny how pressure tends to increase productivity (grin). My summer won't be quite as exciting as yours but it does promise to be pleasant as I enjoy an entirely new place to be creative :-)

    1. I know what you mean! A-Z was so stressful! But fun! :) Pressure definitely increases productivity. And hopefully, new places, help with creativity! :) Or so I've heard…

  4. May was a big fat fail for most of my goals. But that's okay. June is a new month.

    Sounds like you'll be busy.


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