Charleston Restaurants: Dinner

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Charleston has some of the best food in the south, in my opinion! From places with a view, to sweet southern breakfast joints, you can find nearly everything you are looking for! My selections for dinner restaurants may differ from yours in that I don't consume much meat (I'm not vegetarian) and I dislike the taste of fish, so do with this list as you will. These are some of the places I've gone to for dinner… Some I would highly recommend, and some not.

1. FIG (Food Is Good): One of my absolute favorite restaurants (could you tell?), I highly recommend making a reservation via OpenTable 28 days in advance (otherwise you might not get in!). The food is astounding and the service amazing! (Don't judge if you get seated at the bar or "family style"; it's not at all the same experience!) Try the ricotta gnocchi or the creamy mashed potatoes. No matter what you order you are bound to get something unique and special … and perfectly delicious in every way! :)

2. SNOB (Slightly North of Broad): Farm-to-table style food served in a dress-how-you want but served with style kind of restaurant, over the years SNOB has been a staple for our Charleston visits. The delicious veggie plate is one I look forward to every time I go; I have to force myself to go to new places and try new restaurants. And yet… I keep returning. Time after time. SNOB truly has something special that keeps calling me back for more.

3. Blossom: Justin and I first visited Blossom after the yearly food festival, and what a treat we were in for! Scrumptious pizzas, (what I can only imagine to be) amazing seafood, and yummy desserts! We were only there for lunch, but I could easily see how this would be a fun dinner location. Plus, the staff was incredibly kind and willing to work with us! Order a dessert off of the multi-course menu without actually eating all of the courses (or paying for them)? Of course! Why not? … And wowee! How good the food was! It wasn't SNOB, but it was certainly delicious!

4. Cypress: Staying within the restaurant family that owns Blossom, we first experienced Cypress on a late night trip with Justin's parents. Not being terribly hungry, we ordered a meat and cheese plate and just kind of snacked as we looked down from the second floor window where our table was located. The food was good enough albeit expensive. If you are into fish or truly are head-over-heels in love with Blossom or Magnolias, give this restaurant a try, otherwise you may want to consider another restaurant.

5. High Cotton: Another miss for us, Justin and I went during our "honeymoon" and were less than pleased with the service. We didn't have a reservation, so they sat us at a table near the bar, which, unsurprisingly, didn't give us too much in terms of service. Plus, the restaurant was noisy and I had gotten a sunburn earlier in the day making me feel a little nauseous. Nevertheless, we ended up ordering chicken which was presented beautifully and tasted … like chicken. *shrugs* I think High Cotton is more for fish eaters, and since I don't eat fish, it just didn't strike a fancy with me.

6. The MacIntosh: This is our most recent find! We were last minute planning a trip to Charleston for Memorial Day weekend, and I was just looking for an opentable reservation at any restaurant I recognized that I've been wanting to try. This was it! Justin and I had just eaten a pizza and side salad at our hotel, so we weren't terribly hungry when we got here. But then, we ordered a delicious cheese burger with bacon and cheddar as well as a spring vegetable salad and a beautiful glass of merlot! Yum! Aside from Five Guys, this may have been the best burger we have ever had! Each bite was juicy and delicious! Seriously, if I ever want another burger in Charleston, I'll know where to go!

Do you have any food limitations that make choosing restaurants difficult? If you've been to Charleston, have you tried any of the restaurants on my list? If you haven't been, which one sounds the most appealing?


  1. I used to have more food limitations than I do now. And I'm a picky eater. Which makes going to restaurants... ahem... interesting.

    1. I believe it!

      I don't really have food limitations, but I am also a picky eater. It's always exciting when you get to a restaurant and are like "umm… there's nothing I'll eat here…" :)


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