Charleston Restaurants: Breakfast

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So far, on #FoodFriday, I have covered my favorite Charleston restaurants and the best places to go for a view. Today, let's talk about the most important meal of the day – breakfast!

1. Hominy Grill: This is the first breakfast place Justin and I ever tried. We ordered the country breakfast including eggs, grits, toast, bacon … and we probably got some home fries on the side. (I rarely go anywhere for breakfast without getting home fries!) Our breakfast was good … but not amazing. I'd recommend it, but not highly so. It's definitely well-known in Charleston, at least among tourists, so it's probably worth checking out if you've heard of it before. Otherwise, I think I would try something else on my list. :)

2. Three Little Birds: A fun little hole-in-the-wall located at a shopping center, Three Little Birds spouts the phrase "Peace, Love, & Pancakes!" :) And, as you would expect, the food there is organic and farm-to-table focused. There are many, many options available on the menu, from Mexican-style omelets to challah French toast. And, of course, you can get pancakes with practically any topping that best suites you! Breakfast here was good! And fun! Albeit surprising… Who knew the little restaurant in the shopping center would be such a fantastic breakfast option?

3. Toast!: Don't sleep in if you want a delicious carafe of mimosa from Toast! or you'll find yourself waiting … typically an hour or more. And no, they don't take reservations! Filled with southern charm from the kind waitresses that refer to you as "honey chile!" to the delicious shrimp and grits, breakfast doesn't get much better than that which Toast! serves. Obviously the mimosas are a fun treat at a cheap cost, but don't sell yourself short! Try some of the more unique options like the Eggs Meeting Street (served with a fried green tomato, crab cake, and lowcountry remoulade sauce) or the corned beef hash and eggs (much tastier than it looks!). If you come away from Toast! hungry, you are doing it wrong! :)

4. Callie's Hot Little Biscuit: A relative newcomer to both Charleston and Atlanta, Callie's is taking both cities by storm providing a unique take on the biscuit. The biscuits are served take out style with a counter in which you can eat, if you get there early enough to find a spot. Justin ordered the plain biscuit with egg, cheese, bacon, and avocado while I ordered the strawberry shortcake biscuits. Let me just say – they look really odd, but taste delicious! We also got two plain buttermilk biscuits with honey butter to try (they only sell the biscuits in pairs) and those were pretty gosh-darn good too! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a menu online, but take my word! There is something for everyone here! … Unless you don't like biscuits. Then, don't go. 

* Marina Variety Store & Restaurant: Desperate to find a unique breakfast spot with a view (or at least one unique enough that only Charlestonians knew about), one google search revealed the Marina Variety Store & Restaurant. We went, we ate, we loved. This is Charleston's own Waffle House (though not as chain-like or dirty and with a great view!). Be sure to check it out if you are looking for a southern breakfast at a cheap cost with a great view!

* Harborview Restaurant & Lounge: And finally, a great hotel restaurant. Not many made the list; can you tell? This restaurant is especially great if you can get a cheap price with a hotel room; however, it's not a bad place to eat even if you can't. Plus, that view! The restaurant serves buffet style for breakfast and at $15 a head, you are paying for the view. However, unlike most hotel breakfast buffets, the food at this restaurant was actually tasty. The bacon was crisp, the eggs done, and they even had the option to get French toast instead of a make-it-yourself waffle or pancake. If I were staying at this hotel again, I wouldn't hesitate to return to this restaurant again (if I got a good price).

Did you see any breakfast places on my list that would interest you? Are you familiar with southern favorites – shrimp and grits, corned beef hash, biscuits and gravy, fried green tomatoes?


  1. American habits sometimes leave me speechless :))) I actually can't believe that in America you're having french fries for breakfast :) And last year when I was in Indonesia, they were serving rice with meat for breakfast, I was shocked hihihi

    I invite you to read my latest post:

    1. lol. Home fries are fried potato chunks as opposed to, for example, strings of potato. It's something similar to hash browns if you've heard of them. They are breakfast potatoes.

      I definitely have heard of what I consider to be weirder cultural foods. Like french fries with gravy (poutine) or ketchup chips. Canada just has me baffled! … I can't say I've ever seen rice for breakfast before though. That's definitely interesting… Did you try eating rice with your breakfast when you were in Indonesia?


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