Charleston Art Galleries

Photo credit: damiandude via / CC BY-NC

One of my favorite things to explore in Charleston are the art galleries. I never get tired of seeing the beautiful coastal scenes created by the people who live in this city. From the beautiful moss covered trees that overhang the road to the beach, marina, and colorful houses, everything just seems that much prettier than many other places in the world.

Even though Justin and I have spent plenty of time searching looking through the galleries at the beautiful art, honestly, it's been a while, so I'm going to leave you with some links from other bloggers (and writers) who have actually done their homework and can direct you far better than I can. Hopefully, if stunning art is what you seek, one of the links I share will be of use to you!

The Culture Trip
Charleston Center For Visitors
Travel & Leisure (the magazine)
Charleston's Finest
Hidden Charleston
Huffpost Travel
Susan Lucas

Do you have many art galleries near you? What types of art do you enjoy?

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