Top 5 Helpful Travel Blogs For Planning Your Getaway

Planning travel can be challenging. Believe me, I know. The following are a list of travel blogs I follow that keep me updated (and inundated) with all of the newest travel news, whether it is great prices on flights or hotels, how to earn "free" points toward a "free" stay/flight, and, most importantly, what to do when you get to where you are going.

Through these sites I have learned about:
• TSA Pre-check
• the usefulness of the Chase Sapphire credit card
• how to get and maintain status with hotel chains (It's easier than you'd think!)

and been one of the first to know about
• crucial changes in travel (like Delta changing their upgrade policy for frequent flyers)

Travel blogs can be incredibly useful for not only helping you find the perfect deal to get you in the air, but also helping you to know what to expect once you are on the ground, wherever that may be! Read through a few of my descriptions and see if following any of these blogs is the right choice for you!

A conglomeration of bloggers are combined together in this blogging community. Topics are vast and varied and in some cases seem to not relate to travel at all! Learn how to better save your money, and, when you are spending money, discover new ways to make that money go further and get you more. The bloggers in this community also often feature giveaways providing you a chance to win free travel and amenities!

Most bloggers on this site focus their topics toward American readers, however, recently they've been growing to accommodate a wider audience. Now, occasionally, I see German, Spanish, and Canadian posts as well, which I imagine are more accommodating for people who live in those other countries. :)

Overall, I find the site to be incredibly useful, and highly recommend using a blog reader to stay caught up on the goings-ons of the Boarding Area bloggers. You never know when something useful will be shared! :)

The Points Guy (or TPG) was one of the first travel blogs that I ever began following. I had learned about the Travel Hacking Cartel on The Penny Hoarder, but I wasn't interested in paying for "free" travel opportunities. One blogger (of whom I never followed and thus can't direct you to) recommended following The Points Guy and keeping up with FlyerTalk Forums. Frankly, I'm typically too busy to keep up with a forum as big as that one, but a blog is definitely feasible! Now, any time I know I'm going somewhere, I google "tpg" or "the points guy" + wherever I'm going, to see what he recommends. Usually he lists out hotels with their prices and point requirements for all of the major American chains as well as activities and restaurants that you can find in the area. And he has covered a lot of ground! As if that's not enough, you can download the TPG app, if you are an American, and use it to browse the website, keep track of your credit card rewards, and decide which credit card will benefit you the most when you are out and about spending money.

Personally, I love TPG and his app. Sometimes, I don't know how I ever lived without it! (hint: I didn't travel then.)

Justin and I actually had the privilege of going to hear Matt Kepnes speak about his book How To Travel The World On $50 A Day. While I wasn't thrilled with the book, I do enjoy reading Kepnes' blog posts and watching his travel tutorials on CreativeLive. It's nice seeing a down-to-earth guy living out his dream of traveling and blogging. Plus, recently he put together a non-profit organization called FLYTE where he sends underprivileged youth on trips around the world! Truly, Matt Kepnes is one of my favorite travel bloggers and such a delight to read and learn from!

If deals are what you are seeking, Fare Deal Alert, Flight Deal, and Mighty Travels all have you covered. I'm not sure how they do it, but they scope out the best flight deals around the web and put them all in one place for easy finding and clicking. Keep up with the blogs on a reader though, because otherwise you may miss out on a really great deal! Recently I've seen posts featuring flights to Europe for as low as $300 for the fall! And flights to Australia for as low as $500! When you follow blogs like these, you never know what you will find!

5. Extreme Hotel Deals

Another site featuring great deals, Extreme Hotel Deals are definitely extreme. Dates shared can range from tomorrow to next year, so it's helpful if you have a trip already in the making before you begin to follow EHD. Hotels at good prices sell out quickly, and the ones shared here are no exception! In fact, these hotel deals are probably the rule since more than your typical two or three travelers are following EHD. Keep an eye out and plan well in advance are the lessons you will learn from EHD.

So, what are you waiting for?! Get started planning your next trip now! :)

Are you a fan of travel blogs? If so, which ones? Did you already follow any of these?


  1. Great list. I don't travel, so I've never looked into travel blogs. Maybe one day this will change.

    1. Why don't you travel? Dislike it? A homebody?

  2. I'm a fan of Nomadic Matt as well! I agree that his story is really interesting and it's great to see he's lived his dream and also found a way to give back with his non-profit. great post :)

  3. So... I've found that many sites like this are too US centric for me to use. I tend to just google the destination I have in mind and look for targeted posts that way, especially as I'm often looking for specific gluten free recommendations. I think I should look into some of these though, I might find more than I think!

    1. Two others you might want to check out and . They frequently post flight deals from around the world. Not just the US.

      I can understand not having as many travel blog sources as we do in the US (or do you?). I regret that most of the blogs I shared will be mostly helpful to US readers, but I still think there is information you could learn/gain from them. The information that will help you specifically just may not be posted as often as it is for the US.

      As for your gluten intolerance… I can only imagine how difficult it is to find gluten free recommendations! Even here, where I live, as a gluten eater, I can't think of anywhere in my home state that I would recommend to someone that couldn't eat gluten! I'm sure as gluten intolerance awareness becomes more of a "thing" you'll see more recommendations. At least you get to help build the online database of gluten free restaurants and foods?! :)

      I'll have to do some research and see what gluten free restaurants I can find near my home. Since I know so little about what gluten free places are around me, it could be a fun experience. :)

  4. This is a great post, I don't use any of these websites, I usually just google or pinterest a destination. But i'll look into them!

  5. Thanks for these!! I love Hand Luggage Only for destination research as well!! They have gorgeous pictures too!

    1. I will have to check that site out. I'm always looking for new sites to use in my travel planning! :)

  6. We are always traveling - Grey World Nomads - but are actually not flying that much that we could profit of any miles more than a cheaper rental now and again. We use blogs which write about a particular destination.

    1. Blogs are always useful.

      I can understand not flying. Flying is expensive!


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