Georgia Gems


Even though I'm not quite finished with April A-Z, I decided to write a special post (my second for today!) on Georgia gems for #TravelTuesday. Really, it's just a mash-up of posts I've previously shared on the blog, but I thought it might be helpful for those planning a trip to my home state some time in the future.

First, my Georgia A-Z from last year. I came up with a list of places and experiences to have featuring every letter of the alphabet covered in 8 posts.


While I covered a lot of territory in that series, here are some other Geogia posts I've put together over the years:

Savannah Georgia Bucket List
Stone Mountain Georgia and discussion on the potential loss of a monument
Another list of Georgia cities and attractions
• the small town I once called home: Dacula
Awesome ice cream in the Southeast
Captive, the true story of a man who broke out of jail and held a Georgia woman captive, against her will, and how the experience changed her life for the better
Atlanta Botanical Gardens Christmas lights 2015
Final Cut, an Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters/Free People discount store in Augusta, GA
• And a few Savannah, GA hotel reviews: Doubletree Historic District Holiday Inn Express & Suites Midtown; & Hampton Inn: Historic District

Finally, some fun links to help you learn more about Georgia and its main city Atlanta. These are the links we pass around on facebook, so you know that all these facts are true!

35 signs you grew up in Atlanta
10 Atlantan Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate
25 Things You Might Not Know About Atlanta

I'm still in the process of learning more about my state and the states surrounding it. Sometimes it feels like every day I learn of a new place to visit or sight to see. Right now Justin and I working our way through visiting all of the Georgia parks and down this list of the best Georgia breakfast restaurants.

Are you making an effort to get to know the place you live any better? Have you ever visited Georgia or seen any of the small towns or attractions I've mentioned in this post?


  1. You know, I've never been to the US at all so it's all totally new to me! I befriended some people from Atlanta once though and they were awesome, so I reckon that means it's a great place :) If I ever go I shall definitely be referring to your lists!

    1. The city is meh, honestly, but the people are awesome! (Am I allowed to say the city is meh on a post I wrote glorifying it?)

      If you do happen to visit though, my lists will definitely point you in the right direction and give you a good idea of what might be of interest to you here. (Just know that you will need a rental car.)

  2. Soooo just checked out a few of your links - I'm sorry that Savannah isn't your cup of tea! I've visited only once back when I was 18, and I really liked it. We were in the historic areas, and it reminded me of Charleston, SC. Georgia is one of those states that tends to be overlooked by tourists (both domestic and international), which is sad since it has a lot to offer.

    1. I'm really surprised that Atlanta isn't visited by many tourists with the airport being one of the busiest in the world. It's probably related to the lack of public transportation. We have MARTA, but it's not really used by many people who live in Georgia and a lot of the state's "goodies" can be found outside the city limits (and only accessible by car).

      I actually like Charleston, SC better than Savannah, GA. Of course, people here in Georgia tend to have strong opinions about both historic cities – most prefer one over the other and there is no convincing them otherwise. (Me included. ;))

      If you liked the historic areas of Savannah, you might like some of the more natural islands and beaches here too – like Jekyll Island or Cumberland Island. I've never been to either but they are suppose to be beautiful and very natural.


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