Thursday Throwback: Valentine's Day

Initials carved over 10 years ago!

Honestly I can't remember a single Valentine's Day that has stood out more than any other. I'm not really a "Valentine's Day" kind of gal. For that matter, I spent my one year wedding anniversary with my husband babysitting. Over a full weekend. Our honeymoon? The day after our wedding we went to the mall, before it opened, and sat and talked. For like – hours. About nothing and everything. Then we spent a day with out of town friends before heading back to work. Yeah – hearts, stars, and rainbows… Oh wait – what were we talking about?  Lucky Charms? ;)

Aside from that, there have been a few Valentine's Days that have stood out.

• When I was a kid my parents would go all out celebrating Valentine's Day. My mom always made spaghetti and a chocolate cake with white icing and sprinkles in the shape of a heart on top. Then, because that was never enough, she would get me and my brother Valentine's Day cards and small gifts just to make us feel loved. One year, as a surprise, my dad bought me ruby earrings (my birthstone)! Wow! :) It was a shock, as I grew older and saw how other families did Valentine's Day, to realize that not everyone is about family on this love-filled holiday.

• My very first Valentine's Day with my (now) husband included hiking* through the woods near our high school. The idiot I am decided to climb a fence in boots with heels. Actually, the fence climbing was probably Justin's idea; I just can't turn down a challenge. Everything was going good until my jeans got caught on the fence. I decided to jump off of the fence to release the fabric … only the fabric didn't release. Instead, my favorite jeans ripped (just a tiny bit) and my foot, still hung, twisted.

After finally righting myself and getting both feet back on the ground, I kept a straight face as I limped my way to the car. My (now) husband only had the tiniest inclination of what had really happened, but, either way, we both knew the "date" was over.

The next day when I didn't show up at school (because I went to the doctor instead) my best friend gave my husband a hard time. "What did you do to her?" she demanded of him. Of course, she failed to admit any fault despite having flaked on both him and I on the day I fell. Justin denied any wrong-doing. In fact, he claimed that if I hadn't been so stubborn he would have carried me back to the car. Psh. Right.

The lesson I learned from this experience? BFFs flake and guys-who-have-a-crush-on-you come. And then you get married and travel the world. *shrugs* I guess things could have turned out worse. ;)

• Then there was the year I received my laptop … and it snowed. :)

• And finally, a few years ago Justin and I agreed to babysit a 3 year old for the full Valentine's Day week. During that week: my laptop hard drive died, my car transmission needed work, I failed at making a cake, AND the president came to town. WOW. That was quite the week.

This year I'm hoping for positive experiences. It's been years since I've gotten more than a good meal for Valentine's Day, but maybe we will see a bit of snow… or get to sleep in an extra hour. Sometimes it's the little things in life that are the best surprises. :)

What are your favorite Valentine's Day memories? Are you hoping for a special gift or meal this year?

* Hiking, to me, is walking, not necessarily strenuous, usually in the woods. 
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  1. Valentine's Day sounds like the day everything happens! What memories. My mom also bought us small gifts on Valentine's Day, but she was a single mom for a lot of years before she met and married my step dad So I didn't know other family's did that too!

  2. My parents always got me gifts on Valentine's Day's kind of sad that not everybody celebrates the love of family, AS WELL as romantic love :/ ~ Whitney LaDon

    1. It is sad, isn't it? I love how, because of my family traditions, I never felt any pressure to be in a relationship on Valentine's. With or without a significant other, I would be doing something special to celebrate the holiday. :)

  3. I am all about extra sleep and a good meal for Valentine's Day! Sounds like a pretty good Saturday.

    My parents also did little extra things for the holiday. We always woke up with cards on the kitchen table, sometimes with a little candy or small present. If it was a school day, our sandwiches were heart-shaped!

    1. Ohmygoodness! Heart-shaped sandwiches?!?! So adorable! That was very sweet of your parents! :)


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