The Little Things

You know those posts on facebook where someone comments "My husband/boyfriend/significant other is better than yours!"? I hate those posts. I also hate when people get on facebook to brag: "I bought a house!", "I paid off my student loans!", "I'm going on a fancy vacation for the millionth time this year!", "I'm having a baby!", "I'm graduating!", "I'm the most special person on the face of the planet!"

Argh. Shut the facebook up. Does anyone really care? (Aside from your immediate family maybe?) 

I decided to fill out one of those Bill memes. You know the ones… 

Mine said something like "Mandy doesn't care about someone's nationality, skin color, religion, or ideas. Mandy just hates everyone. Don't be like Mandy." I wish I had gotten a screen shot. :) 

Anyway, today I am going to be that annoying person that I hate. Today I'm going to share 20 little things my husband does to make me feel loved. And you my friends? You will just have to deal. It's one day – I think you will survive. :)

1. Buying me cookies.

I am so not a cookie person, but if I'm going to eat them then they had better be good. Skor cookies provided from the start up restaurant located in my husband's office building, Girl Scout samoas and thin mints, and chocolate chip cookies from Rembrandt's in Chattanooga, TN all serve to make me a happier individual … especially when they are bought randomly and given to me as a surprise which my husband occasionally does. (Even better when I get all 3 types in one week!)

2. Waxing my car.

Actually I'm kidding myself if I think this is an easy or "little" job.

I have a black car with rock knicks on the front that appear white if you use white wax. It makes me sad since it is such a new car. As it turns out, black turtle wax minimizes the appearance of the knicks and makes the car look new again, which in turn makes me happy. :) Only downside? The wax turns everything in it's vicinity black … including hands, shirts, and the driveway. But at least my car is black again!

Never buy a burger in Europe.

3. Cooking for me.

After I first got married, my friends would hate it that I would be so determined to make it home for dinner on time every night. The way I see it is … he is making me dinner and I am appreciative. The least I can do is not waste his time (or our resources). Plus, he goes out of his way to make this picky eater happy. Yes, he is definitely a keeper.

4. Dealing with my nagging.

Clean this; clean that. I probably sound like one of Cinderella's step-sisters. And yet… :)

5. Working late with me.

Even when he has to get up at 4 or 5 am the next day, he will still babysit with me when I'm working until 10 or 11 pm at night. If that's not super sweet, I don't know what is.

6. Providing understanding.

Not always, but most of the time.

7. Invoking confidence.

Sometimes it's buying me new clothes or allowing me to get my hair done; other times it's the act of telling me or showing me something. Showing a photograph of mine (that I've spent a lot of time working on) and hearing praise from someone who knows what they are talking about can be more meaningful than simply outright saying my picture is worth a thousand words. (You could mean my picture is worth a thousand bad words!!!)

8. Supporting my dreams.

Even if I'm not sure what they are yet. 

Of course, this feeds right into providing understanding and invoking confidence. I married a fantastic guy. :)

No mall is too big…

9. Shopping with me.

He has an opinion on what I wear and I have an opinion on what he wears. Neither of us sit on the sidelines when our money is involved. (Of course it is only fair to mention that sometimes we buy things the other doesn't like; it really just depends on how strongly an item is liked or disliked by one or both of us.)

10. Accepting the fact that sometimes I just don't sleep.

When I don't sleep well, he doesn't either. Luckily, cutting out caffeine and reducing phone/computer screen time at night seems to be helping.

11. Befriending my friends.

It's not so much an issue now, but when we first started dating, he really had a strong opinion about two particular friends of mine. Understandably so, I might admit. One had a crush on me and the other was just plain rude. I'm still friends with the guy who is now happily married(!!!), but the girl … :( It turns out she didn't like my husband either. Or me, after I married him. *shrugs* At least my husband tried to be accepting of the people in my life with whom he didn't like.

12. Killing bugs.

Let's get back to the truly little things in life – like bugs. Specifically roaches, but any bug-killing will do. I'll watch the bug while he runs to get the shoe … or paper towel … or vacuum. Because ick. :)

"You take the blue pill -- the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe
whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill -- you stay in Wonderland
and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." – The Matrix

13. Taking care of me when I am sick.

Since getting married, I have been sick more than I ever was at any other point in my life. "Why?" I ask you. But if I need someone to make me chicken soup or lay in bed watching movies all day, he's my guy. Truly, he is the adult in this relationship. I'm not even sure I could take that good of care of myself … let alone him. (And yet, somehow, I'm a nanny? Explain this one to me.)

14. The hugs.

Sometimes I get cold… or sad… or feel lonely… There is no emotion a hug can't cure. :)

15. Opening doors for me.

I've always admired my aunt. She is tall (legs for days!), pretty, and confident – basically everything I'm not. My nail polish is always chipping whereas hers looks perfect. She'd happily jump on a motorcycle or go out drinking at a dance club; I will not. She dyes her hair and does her make-up so beautifully whereas I try to get by with as natural a look as is acceptable. (By which I mean I'm lazy.)

One story my aunt told me that always made an impression on me was that she once went somewhere with a date. Her date barged ahead walking straight through the door of the building and letting it swing right in her face. Rather than acknowledge that he wanted her to come inside, she stood outside of the building waiting until he realized she wasn't coming. She then informed him that he would need to hold the door open for her, that she was a lady. :) Needless to say, he was more polite afterwards. :)

Sometimes it drives me crazy when Justin tries to open all of the doors for me … and instead I race him. First person to get their hand on the handle wins! Other times I find it remarkably beautiful that he would be so kind as to open the door for me. I feel like royalty … or like I have the best guy on the planet. :) Of course there are also times when I'm lazy – I wait to get out of the car until he has walked all the way around to open my door for me. Am I spoiled much? ;)

No matter what I want (or when I want it), I have a very polite husband in this regard. It makes me happy (sometimes).

16. Getting me a glass of water right before bed.

It sounds silly, but since I don't drink enough water, it's just one extra little way he shows he cares. (And yes, I do drink it at night. And yes, it does make a difference in whether or not I wake up with dry eyes and feeling dehydrated … or not.)

17. Telling me he loves me before work every morning.

Sometimes it comes with a kiss, sometimes not. Either way, it makes me happy. Unless I'm upset that I've been woken up way too early … which also happens.

Sunrises and sunsets are the best!

18. Letting me have the window seat.

On planes and trains. :) Then again, who really wants someone leaning across them to take pictures looking out the window?

19. Doing things for my family.

Fixing headphones, reinstalling the IOS for an ipad that had been corrupted, rebuilding cars… Seriously my husband goes above and beyond to help, and I love him for it. Except when I want his time. Then it's more like … do you really have to help?

20. Recognizing my desires.

Sometimes he knows what I need or want before I do. Those are the moments when I truly feel loved and understood. There is absolutely nothing better in marriage then having someone understand you before you've even said a word.

So what are some little (or big, in this case) things your husband or significant other does to make you feel loved? Feel free to share in the comments or link me to your blog post. – Don't feel inhibited by my distaste for bragging! I bragged, so you can too! :) I give you permission. (Because you needed it, right?)

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  1. My husband always lets me have the window seat too! I love watching the plane take off and land, and I love seeing the arrival/destination cities.

    He also kisses me good-bye each morning and tells me he loves me. :)

  2. I am just beginning my 19th month of grieving the loss of my husband of more than 35 years. He was all of these things to me. I miss him terribly and I just hope he somehow knows how very much he was appreciated. I hope you share this post with your husband!!

  3. Killing bugs all the way! I'm not particularly squeamish and will frequently be perfectly able to capture a bug live and let it out of the house, but in, when a spider is crawling across my windshield while I'm speeding down the freeway around Dallas...*cough* just a few days ago *cough* it's comforting to have a bug-squishing knight in shining armor :P


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