Perfect Date Ideas

It all comes down to love.

What is the perfect date? Seeing the sun rise over the Eiffel Tower? That one kiss where you swear you hear fireworks in the distance?

I'd like to argue that, for me, a perfect date is just spending time with someone you love. There is always something that could go better during a date, and isn't more fun when you are less stressed about everything going wrong and more interested in just having fun?

Justin and I have had a lot of fun date nights over the past 11.5 years. Some were more simple than others, but in the end I think what has always made the best nights stand out were the moments we spent together just talking and having fun.

Nevertheless, here are my favorite activities I've done with my husband; things I recommend you do with your significant other as well:

1. When Justin and I first started dating, I would always plan elaborate outings for our yearly anniversaries. The first one included brunch at the top of the Westin in Atlanta, a spinning restaurant where, over the course of an hour, you can see the whole Atlanta Skyline. Then, the next year, we went to the chocolate exhibit at Fernbank Museum of Natural History, had Asian for dinner, and finished our night off at The Oceanaire, a restaurant I picked because of the color you could see from the outside at night – blue. We had a delicious brownie, bigger than you can ever imagine, with the waitstaff only a finger lift away. We felt like royalty that night as we consumed our brownie and glass of milk. :) We spent our anniversary one year at the JAX beach in Florida, then another having brunch at Canoe, a restaurant that serves fresh made-to-order orange juice and eggs that come from chickens they have "out back". Finally, there was the year, I gave up the reins and let Justin plan. We went restaurant hopping (appetizer at one, dinner at another, dessert at a third) and then saw a theatrical performance at Shakespeare's Tavern.

Seriously, if you have the time and resources to plan elaborate dates like this where you can get to know your state or city better, I highly recommend it. It's so much fun and gives you great memories to look back on.

2. Justin and I don't always go all out for date-nights. Sometimes we do things more simply – like sitting on a front porch swing on a beautiful summer night listening to the crickets and talking, going star-gazing, watching planes fly in at Dekalb Peachtree Airport, picnicking while watching the sunset, or leaf-looking in the mountains.

3. During the cold winter months or when one of us is sick, it's sometimes better to stay inside. Ice skating at the local rink is always fun and I love going to see a movie… But reading a book together, watching a movie at home, or even cooking can be a delightful experience too.

4. One of the most exciting dates Justin and I ever went on was when we got in the car and followed highway 78 in Atlanta just to see where it went. We bought a Papa John's pizza, got in Justin's ratty old truck and just started driving. When we finally got to the end of 78, it was nearly 9PM. That's about the point when my cell phone rang; it was my dad. "Where are you?" he asked. "Umm… You don't want to know…" I told him. Given that we were walking on a beach in Charleston, I assumed he could hear the waves in the background, so I finally gave in revealing my location. I said "I'll be a little late tonight." :)

Yes, I also recommend being adventurous, following roads until you get lost, and taking a pizza for snacking on as you go. You should try it! – It's fun! :)

5. Finally, I'm always up for spending time with one another's friends and family. You can't always be alone! Things like bonfires, Thanksgiving, and watching the Super Bowl are always better with other people, no matter how much you like your spouse.

What are some of your favorite date activities to do with your spouse or significant other? Is there something specifc you would consider doing on a "perfect date night?"

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  1. So many great date ideas! I love the idea of hopping in the car, following a highway, and finding out where it takes you.


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