Meaningful Gifts

No, I did not lose my ring in the snow … yet.

So … Funny story. :)

Before Justin and I got married, he had a laptop on life support. I mean – seriously. He was keeping it alive as long as he possibly could at my suggestion. I'm all about not buying things and saving money as long as you can until you become absolutely desperate.

Around the same time, we were talking about engagement. Nothing serious. More so, I told him (jokingly or not) that I wanted an expensive camera instead of an engagement ring. Every other expensive ring I had ever owned I had lost (unless I kept it in the box and didn't wear it ever); I simply didn't/don't like wearing rings.

That particular Christmas (in 2010), Justin had enough money in savings to buy a new computer.

You know what he did instead?


He bought me not only an engagement ring but also a Wacom Tablet. (Do you know how expensive Wacom tablets are?!?)

Like seriously? … I tell you to save your money and then you waste spend it on me instead?!?! How does this even work?

I now joke that I am wearing a laptop on my finger. I've threatened to sell the ring a few times and buy something useful … like a camera. :) The jewelry store that cleans it though is always like "This is worth so much more now in 2016 than it was in 2010!" so I keep my mouth shut. I like when things go up in value. ;)

Needless to say when it came time to pick out a wedding ring, I picked out something sooo much cheaper. Like 10% of my engagement ring value. Eh … maybe 33%. I forget exactly.

Either way, I'm not allowed to take my rings off.** He's afraid I'll lose them. (I will.)

I look 12 in this picture, but I think I was like 20-something?!?! I guess
dolls will do that to you! #NoMakeUp #ForeverYoung #HomemadeDolls

Anyway, all of this leads me to say that I have a ton of family heirlooms (my grandmother's china, Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls made for me by my grandmother, a homemade wooden doll bed made for me by my grandfather, Barbies from my mother's childhood, furniture my mother had growing up, etc…) that could be passed down to future children, but none of that matters as much as the people I love and care about and the stories behind these items. There is nothing quite as beautiful or wonderful as being told "I love you so much that I am giving you this … that I made for you/spent years saving for." Nothing is quite as beautiful as the love behind the gift. :)

Do you have any beautiful love stories about gifts or heirlooms given to you? 

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** (What he doesn't know won't hurt him.)


  1. Aww, this is so sweet! My wedding band is also a fraction of the price of my engagement ring, but that's because I don't wear them together. We actually considered just not getting a separate band for me at all because my engagement ring can't be worn with a band, but we decided I should have something less fragile (and less expensive) for traveling or volunteering.

    Also I sometimes look really young in my photos too. Combine my height, with my good skin and baby face, and my lack of makeup... Yeah, I look young!

  2. That is so sweet! What a generous guy. Seriously, Wacom tablet > ring. (Just my opinion...guess which one my own husband got me for valentine's?)


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