Aww! True love!

Yesterday I got to hear the cutest story.

The little girl I watch, M, has a crush on a little boy in her fourth grade class. At the beginning of the month, she announced to me that for her birthday week, she wanted 1) to open her presents from her friends at school, 2) snow, and 3) for the guy to ask her to the Valentine's Day dance. Inevitably, he never got around to asking her (although she did get her other two wishes!). She was only mildly disappointed and considered making Mel's cookie recipe (which is a love spell, as seen in the Disney made-for-tv movie Descendants) for her crush this week. She never got around to it since gossiping about the poor guy with her BFF and watching tv claimed her time instead. But then yesterday, when I went to pick her up, she was in a glorious mood. Her class had had a party for their teacher (a baby shower, really) that day. As exciting as that is, when M and her crush got in line for food (with him being in front of her), there was only one muffin left and two kids that wanted it. M declared "I want the muffin!" to which her crush responded "I do too!" Oops. But then, just as quickly as the declarations had been made, Mr. C. (the crush, of course) told the teacher "I will take the scone" making Miss M very happy indeed!

Justin, ever the optimist, said (after I shared the story) that there was nothing C-man could have done wrong. If he got the muffin and gave it to M, she would have been happy. If he refused the muffin and let her get it, she would have been happy. It was a win-win situation all the way around.

As for me, this little story just made me grin from ear-to-ear. I fondly remember my first crush and how every little thing he went out of the way to do for me made me feel. (About like M felt yesterday.) Only unlike me, she actually had the guts to tell the poor guy of her crush. Thank goodness he's been super awesome about it. (Is he aware that her two older brothers will crush him if he breaks her heart?!?)

Anyway, in honor of the #LoveBlog prompt, here are a few more firsts…

1.Who was your first prom date?
Justin. Aww!

2.Who was your first roommate?

3. What was your first alcoholic drink?
Either a sip of rum and coke or a margarita. As for my first glass to myself? Maybe wine? Because I would sip on my parent's drinks when I was younger, the first drink after I turned 21 wasn't really a big deal and thus not worth remembering.

4. What was your first job?

5. What was your first car?
1991 white Plymouth Acclaim – first car given to me.*
2002 silver Chrysler Sebring – first car bought for me.
2014 black Mazda 6 – first car bought by me (and my husband) for me.

6. Who was your first grade teacher?
Mrs. Lowery, I think.

7. Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane?
NYC! :)

8. When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who was it with?
Never snuck out. I was too well-behaved and my parents were too cool for that. I may have missed a few phone calls while out telling me to get home "or you're grounded!" but it's not like that ever happened… My brother was always more of a trouble-maker than me.

9. Who was your first best friend and are you still friends with them?
Tiffany and no.

10. Where was your first sleepover?
It was probably with Tiffany at her house.

First and foremost – coffee!

11. Who was the 1st person you talked to this morning?
Talk to people? In the morning? … I don't do that. ;)

Nah, it was probably Justin. :)

12. Whose wedding were you in the first time?
My uncle's. I was a "junior bridesmaid".

13. What is the first thing you did this morning?
Checked my phone – facebook, email, twitter, instagram, mint, so on and so forth.

14. What was the first concert you ever went to?
LeAnn Rimes. I was (and probably still am) lame.

15. First tattoo or piercing?
My ears. I was either five or six. My parents took me to the mall to see the Easter bunny. I refused and threw a fit declaring that I wouldn't see the EB until my ears were pierced. Was I spoiled much? nah… ;) I like to think that I just happened to know what I wanted that day.

16. First favorite celebrity?
Not a clue. I wasn't really into specific celebrities. I didn't tape posters to my walls or anything.

17. First crush?
Patrick (Sorry Justin! But you knew that already, right?)

18. When was your first detention?
Ummm … Does The Breakfast Club count? (Great movie! Must watch!)

So, share! Do you remember your first crush? What about any of the other firsts listed in this post? I'd love to hear your stories!

* Actually, it was this and a camaro, but stupid me turned down the camaro because it didn't have air conditioning. This only goes to show that ten year olds don't actually know what they want!
** Survey stolen from here.


  1. Stuck a cute #loveblog list! First crushes are the best•

  2. Aw, I like your format for this #LoveBlog! I was so focused on firsts in Joe's and my relationship...this is a great expansion on the topic!

  3. I never snuck out or got detention either. And LeAnn Rimes would have been my first concert except she canceled the one for which my parents had bought us all tickets. :( My first was maybe Trisha Yearwood? Or Vince McGill?


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